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Another milestone reached today for me - 2 years

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On the 21st of March 2012 i gave up smoking permanently. I was confident of succeeding as i got to a stage in my life where i hated it everything about it. I didn't want to be a smoker no more or have my life ruined.

Two years on and i feel fitter and far more healthier at 41 years of age then what i was 10 years ago or so. My immune system seems to be working at full power again as i can't actually remember being ill and common colds don't last very long either.

The biggest myth i have dispelled is the drinking and smoking one. All smokers think they go hand in hand.It's a marriage made in heaven.Thankfully that's not true. I thoroughly enjoy drinking and not smoking, i honestly do. I'm not in the slightest bit tempted either when i'm out with friends. All that worry disappeared ages ago

I might wake up with a hangover as expected but i certainly don't wake up coughing my guts up and trying desperately to draw fresh air into my lungs.

I have also finally got my weight under control and that was a tough nut to crack believe me. I have managed to shed at least 5 stone through simple changes to what i eat and loads and loads of walking. I have even joined waling forums and now i so much appreciate our wonderful countryside/history/wildlife etc

My home is a smoke free zone and so to is my car. More importantly i'm smoke free and extremely happy.

Thanks for all your support and private messages i have received over the last two years as it really helped me alot. Everyone needs a good pat on the back occasionally and you are never to old for one.

14 Replies

I am gonna give you THAT pat on the back...well done you Rogue you x


Nice one Rogue, so many big changes in what really is so little time :D


Great to hear from longer term quitters and very encouraging too.

You definitely deserve a pat on the back!


Well done

Oh my what a lovely post to be reading


Two years is a brilliant milestone to celebrate

now dont be a stranger



Hi rogue, that's a brilliant post and you did it cold turkey too, really impressive... Congratulations xx


Hi Rogue, congratulations and a good post on it too - I can empathise with a fair bit of it and feel pretty much the same. Well done on two years...great stuff! :)


Wow, Rogue, you've really reinvented yourself haven't you?

A massive Well Done from me on all the mighty things you have achieved. :D


Hell Yeah Brother!

Way to keep on the straight and narrow bro! So proud of ya. I'll be coming up on my 2 soon enough.


Ooh i see i got my date wrong on my anniversary. I was convinced it was the 21st,silly me.

Yes Karri i have lost over 5 stone stone since 21 July 2013. My wake up call was when i spent 3 days in a Turkish hospital.

I'm out nearly every day walking a minimum of 2 hours. I don't avoid hills, infact i will look for the steepest part to climb.

Living in Sussex i'm surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Thanks all for your replies. It's great reading them.

Hello Vike :)


Well done Rogue, I remember you well from around my time. :cool:

Nice to see the Norseman pop in too :D


It gives me great pleasure to join this thread and add my congratulations to a fellow 2 year quitter. Well don Rogue on all counts of your transformation. I am so pleased for you.:)


Huge pat on the back for you as you are a superstar!!! To have stopped smoking and lost weight is amazing!!! Well done😄


Long time no see Rogue, glad you're still with it, great example and it's good hear from you :)


Hi Rogue

Really good to hear from you and that you are enjoying your smoke free life.

Nice one:D X


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