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Day 44

Hmm, day 44 today and I still have problems.

Yesterday, I had a strong craving and was close to smoking due to unimaginably stupid reason - I was bored.

I went to the cinema very late with some friends and after the movie I ended up waiting for them alone. It was 1 am, pitch black and I was on a bench alone for 30 minutes.

I really had nothing to do and because of some people that were smoking when they got out of the cinema I really felt like lightning up a cig myself. I couldn't stop imagining myself smoking a cig, while relaxing and watching the night sky.

I think what saved me was that all stores were closed.

I can't believe that I had such a strong craving for so stupid reason!

I am a bit angry with myself!!!

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Don't be -- boredom is a really big trigger for a lot of us. We'd always fill those gaps with a cigarette. Logically, it's ridiculous that breathing smoke in and out would in any way be entertaining. But there's nothing logical about being addicted to smoking.

Might be an idea to install a nice addictive little game on your phone or something, just in case you get caught in a situation like that again!

We all have to reprogramme our brains, it takes time, stuff like this will inevitably crop up every now and then. You didn't smoke, so don't beat yourself up about it. Be proud!



So smile or I'll ring your mum and get her to come round and "organize" :D

Noooooo, don't do that!!! I'll do whatever you ask of me, I'll be your slave for a week, but please please don't do that!!!

I am genuinely scared right now...


Isn't it great?

To have THIS place where we can expose our weaknesses and get others to stand with us?

You're doing just great every day without a fag is a good one{ even if it doesn't seem that way]


Have I met your Mum?


Hi ninetails... 44 days is great! and what good news that you didnt smoke! them thoughts are a bugger! but you did great, and should feel it :)


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