My first post - Day 44

Hello all. I was surfing the web and came accross this forum. I can't believe I didn't know about this earlier in my quit, as it would have really helped me out. Anyways, no harm no foul.

I am now on my 44th day of quitting cold turkey. So far, so good. I am also very that my wife is on on day 16. She is doing great, but needs some motivation at times.

I really do think the toughest times are behind me. My only real difficult moments are after a particularly big dinner or when I am out at the bars. Even in these cases, it hasn't been so bad. Thankfully, I really do not have any friends that still smoke, so some of the temptation is gone (plus my wife no longer smokes, which helps).

I have really been trying to exercise a lot and have noticed a marked improvement in my stamina - which feels great.

Nothing more to report. Just thought I would introduce myself to the group.

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  • Welcome to you and your wife and good luck with your quits!!! :D

  • Welcome to the site and well done on getting this far! Tell your wife to sign up to the forum too - if she needs bolstering up, she'll get all the support she needs here.

    Onwards and upwards!


  • Thanks all for for warm welcome.

  • Welcome to the forum jewmanji :)

    x2 what Helen suggests regards your wife joining up. The mods may have an issue with 2 users having the same IP address. But I'm sure if you drop Mod 3 a pm he...or is it she :confused:...will get things sorted out for.

    Even if you both are on different numbers of days it still seems that you've got the perfect quit group right there at home.

  • Welcome'll find it all on here......:rolleyes: the support is great particularly when you're having a wobble.......of which i had a few......n now it's just wobbly bits I have :eek:

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