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A Wee Drunken Thought

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Hi Everyone :)

Just wanted to drop in before I turn my computer off. It's 1.00 am and I've been out on the town since about 4 this afternoon. I HAVE NOT SMOKED, neither have I wanted to. For anybody who has been following my progress, you will remember my first, second and even third weekend, I love a beer at the weekend and had an absolutely horrendous time coping without a wee fag with my beer. WELL!!! Here I am, posting (a wee bit worse for the wear) as a non smoker, and neither did I smoke or want to smoke tonight! :)

Just wanted to share this with all my Class of June 2011 quit buddies coming up behind me, and all the newbies who are in the early stages of their quit - I'm 5 and a half weeks in and if I can get through a drink (an Irish woman, in a beer garden, in the sun) YOU CAN TOO!!!

Good luck my friends :)

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Pleased to join you!!!!!

Brilliant news Blondie.Its so wonderful to be a non smoker i could EXPLODE WITH HAPPINESS!!!!!

Lets BOTH EXPLODE with HAPPINESS.........and KK and all the other JUNE TEAM.


so happy to see your progress blondie!!:D

well done and keep it up..as times goes on and you see that you dont need a smoke amd you can do things without them and still feel good you become a happier smoke free person!!

all the best and keep up the good work!!

I'm just really impressed with the quality of typing after a marathon session....just a sniff ot the barmaids apron and my tiepin goes out the wyndow.

Seriously though - good news with the drinking and NOT smoking :-) Hope the head wasn't too bad the next day :D

get in Blondie, what a great feeling you must have, just goes to show life dosnt have to stop because weve quit....everything is exactly the same except we dont smoke anymore, and dosnt it feel great:) ... your a star

Just read this and the mega positivity made me smile widely.

Congrats Lady... Tres Fabulouso!!! xxx

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