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2 years wow who would have thought it


well two years ago today i made the best decision in whole life and quit the smelly old fags

my life has changed beyond recognition basically i am free its as simple as that, all the restriction smoking put on me are gone i do what i want when i want i love it

for all you newbies dont let anyone tell you that you cant do it because you can, i was a complete and total addict who relied on smoking for every single emotion and situation, i never believed i could do it and here i am two years down the line and i am happy, calmer, healthier and free person

stick with this forum the support is unwavering, read read read, use what ever you need to get there or be a cold turkey the choice is yours as long as you get to where you need to be who cares [check my signiture i had abit of everything lol]

thankyou especially to my new year 2011 quitters alot of us made it and to una-g for listening , and to all the others [to many to mention] helping me along the way

happy new year


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Fantastic achievement Boo, 2 years is really very awesome! I can totally relate to the freedom aspect, no longer being a slave to the fags is one of the best positives!

Again, well done

Karen xx

Congratulations Boo, you're amazing!

Molly x

What a fantastic achievement Boo, and a wonderfully encouraging message to all of us who hope to follow in your footsteps. Thank you:)

Congratulations, that is a brilliant achievement!! :D

Two years is amazing Boo. Glad to hear you're enjoying the new found freedom:D

Well done Boo. You are now a super quitter. Good to see two years notched up

HNY to everyone and welcome all the quitters just starting this incredible journey.


A million congratulations Boo, another year of freedom under your belt. You've been one of my biggest inspirations on this forum, I think you're amazing.

H x

ahhhh thankyou everyone

i dont feel like an inspiration, i am just me.

i do feel proud of myself i never ever thought i would be a non smoker just didnt think i had the strength for this

i know its said alot but its true

'if i can do it anyone can'


Well done Boo. Two years, and still plenty of inspiration for those starting out on their journey. Bloody good job! :D

congrats boo!!! we did it! :D

so happy to be here and i totally agree with everything you have said:D

into the 3rd year we go.....free and happy

Hip hip hooray for you. I am not jealous. Except that I really am. I stopped 2 years ago and if I hadnt started again 2 months later we would be holding hands right now. Oh well I am trying to learn from past mistakes. Thinking of starting a thread called "worst excuses for relapse ever". I could fill pages, but that is another story, not Well done to Boo!

Wow Boo your amazing. quitting smoking is what the word wow was made for. Wow Wow and a thousand Wows.


Big well done to you Boo and yes you are very right where the newbies are concerned. Glad things are great for you. xxx

Well done to you Boo! 2 years is awesome and it is so worthwile as you so rightly say.:)

CONGRATULATIONS BOO. Im on day 24. My situation got better i now live on my on so noone is blowing smoke on me. All the best jacqui.:)

well done boo, i thought i would just check in and give myself a pat on the back and say thanks for all the help the forum gave me in the early days when i was very weak keep up the good work people bye for now i be back in a year or so !:):):)

Well done Boo

Congrats Boo on your 2 year mark. Massive achievement that is well deserved to a wonderful, supportive person. You really helped me with my quit you know! You've got this one licked!

Love Lisa xx

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