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Is a wee bit tipsy lol!


Well folks just chilling to tonight with my favourite bottle of rosé wine! Feeling a little tipsy hehehehe!

So relaxed and loving the fact that I no longer require the need to stand at the back door freezing my a** off to supply that little demon while he poisons me! Also loving the fact my hangover will not be as bad cos I am now a happy non smoker :)

Hope your all having a lovely weekend :D

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just doing the same, and laughing at not being out in the cold x


have a lovely night ladies ,CHEERS x

Hi well done mash hun xo

Hope u all enjoyed ur wine:)

I think today after reading all ur comments, I will

be having a glass or 2 lol.

Oh well better late then never loooooool.

Enjoy ur sat mash an every1 xx

Aww my head lol!!

Bit of a fuzzy head today! Hope you ladies enjoyed your wine :)

Strictly tea for me tonight lol!

Just a tad Kat but nothing 2 paracetamol can't cure lol x

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