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day 15 -week 3


Thanks to all that replied to my first post day 14,

Well i smoked for 27yrs 20 to 30 a day and quit cold turkey.....the first 3 days were hell i honestly did not know what day it was and ate a ton of sweets and drank ltrs of well everything has its purpose !!

i didnt even plan on quiting i just sat in the garden smoking and thought....ive had enough of you and threw my fags in the draw and havent had one since!! long it will last am not sure .....maybe for good maybe not but so what.

lets see if i make it to week four......rekon i will i might wanna have the experience of smoking but i dont want a fag......if ya know what am

anyway up and onwards.........bring it !!! :-)

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hi gizalight, congratulations on another day quit, and welcome to week three, its nice to have some company in here!

i think there are a few of the current quitters who didn't plan this quit, me included, maybe there was something in the air in June :)


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