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No Smoking Day
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week 3 ive arrived at day 15

hi all,

started day in terrible mood, is that because the nicotine patch takes time to kick in, coz i put my patch on approx 7.45am ish every day & i start to feel okay- ish around 9.45am noticing a pattern emerging .... wondering when i dont use patch anymore will i feel terrible all day!!! eek

anyway dont think of that now i am on day 15 ( & i cant think that i am just not smoking for today anymore) my mind is kind of thinking that i would be soooo upset if i ever smoked again .. is that wrong way to think i dont know.. its weird coz id be more upset if i smoked again although i do get bad times sometimes, think might get some vitamins tomorrow when go shopping just to make me feel bit better...

driving lesson today, dont feel too enthusiastic about it.. but at least the cost of them isnt playing on my mind as much now i dont smoke... did uou hear that , i dont smoke anymore, i am a non smoker, its a waste of time, theres is no future in it, i always hated the taste, it was a habit that i was under the impression i enjoyed................need to keep positive today & stop screaming at everyone in my house including myself lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hey you :)

Yep positivity is the key. I'm still getting used to this new normality but it's getting there slowly but surely. When I came off the patch I used this method and it helped but there was a bit of up and down moods going on probably getting my due reward for having had an easy first two weeks. Once I got down to a quarter of a 21mg patch I got fed up and just stopped one friday and spent three days watching telly. Anyhoo you might not feel withdrawl depending on the strength of your patches and how slowly you cut them up :) there's something satisfying about cutting them up too. You're on day 15 which is a great achievement but maybe a bit too soon to come off the patches, stay on them as long as you need, you'll know when the right time comes.


thank you harleyquine

Thanks for support harley i dont think i am at all ready to come off patches just yet, but if it is that is the sort of feeling when i wake, then at least i can feel prepared. I hate not knowing

How will i know when times right though will i just start to feel stronger about the whole quit thing?

you doing well too, from info at bottom you wasnt on patches very long .. you done good mate :)

ps join the june quitter group asap need more people for our party


hey hun my first time here im in to day 19 and about 2weeks in my patch fell off lol and not worn one since and not realy noticed apart from a few mood swings toward the other half who is also on day 19 lol but keep up


Hi KitKat :D

Well done you on 15 days that's great Big Hug for you I hope yo're feeling suitably proud of yourself

Learning to drive is a great way to spend your savings and you also have a sewing machine

So no more screaming eh good


Marg xxxxxx


thanks you marg

im now into day 16 x well done me:)


Yes well done KitKat - you are doing fabulously well - stay strong !! best - Peta


Well done kitkat I'm still behind you (day 12) :) Make sure you wait for me :)

Carol x


thanks you all for support..feel inspired by patch falling off story nikky....& caz i will wait for you so long as you promise to keep going right behind me & not take the wrong road

we all doing so good it will be so worth it (i keep telling myself that) not had a night out yet though , thats when i broke last time.. not planning to for a while though.. is that the wrong way to got about it? any advice?


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