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No Smoking Day
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Week 2 for me.. day 15

Hiya people, not been on here since my 2nd or 3rd day... Still doing well. and on my 15th day. people can smoke around me and im fine with it, hate the look of ash trays i dont even touch them anymore,

i worked out when smoked i had 15 cigarettes a day, iv missed out on 210 ciggies,

Before quitting I had a real bad cough, and bad throat this carried on until my 10th day, Better now. I can walk up big hills without getting out of breath,

Im so pleased with myself, can now taste my food even more its great.

:D :rolleyes:

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Doin great.

Hi Jennie-Louise, if you're on day 15 then that's the start of your third week. You sound like I did at two weeks, very positive, so try to keep it like that. Read the post I put on day one it may help and you'll understand where I'm coming from.



hhmmm i thought i was on start ov week 2?

will do thank you


14 days that's two weeks so day 15 is start of week 3 :D


oh my god i am hahaha, i didnt even realise hehe, so sorry , xx


Well done Jennie-Louise on getting to day 15 and the start of your 3rd week.:D


thank you hun



Congrats :) your a few days ahead of me - its good to hear your doing so well :)


Thank you dean :D well done to u also xx :)


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