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Hello Week 3 - Day 15

On day 1 achieving Week 3 seemed so far away but I am here :D

Hope Week 3 isn't as mad as Week 2 and I can settle a bit more into my new non smoking routines :)

Have a good Sunday everyone.

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Well done - had it not been for my "Blip" I would be on the same day as you, now I'm acting as rear gunner and looking to you to blaze the trail - which you are doing brilliantly so a personal thank you from me Lindy - keep at it, I am stalking you all the way to the Penthouse




Congratulations Lindy :)

I think a wee treat is called for. You certainly deserve a bit of pampering.


Amazing stuff Lin well done :) xxx


Thanks :D Spent most of my weekend caring for mum. Her smoking is driving me bananas lol :). Care package is in place to support us from tomorrow which will really help.

Mina happy to be stalked ;). I'm following your progress too and cheering you on :).


Sooo pleased to see you marching into week 3 Lindy :)


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