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No Smoking Day
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Hurrah!! Day 15 and into week 3!

Morning all.

I am so pleased to have made it into week 3.

Have had a busy couple of days which has helped me to not think about smoking.

Feeling very, very determined. Yes, I still miss it, but going back is not something that I want to do.

This is now my longest quit in 6 years and I want this to be 'the one'.

Hope that you all have a lovely day :-D.

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Well done Shell, you have a good one too :)


Nice one, Shell. You're doing well and sounding very positive - great :)


Well done Shell, keep it going....you can do it!!!


Good stuff Shell, I hope you have a great smoke free day too!:D


Good job Shell your doing so well keep up the hard work,

It should slowly be getting easier, as the habit has now been broke

Keep going Sian xx


Well done shell

So good to hear another quitter happy on their journey

Isn't it great to go longer than you ever have before, gives you a great feeling that this is the one.

Congrats :)

Take care



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