No Smoking Day
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Month 2 - Muwhahhah

Hi all,

This is my first post all though I will admit to have been lurking around in the shadows (either I'm a stalker type or painfully shy ).

However I've drummed up the courage to pen this little missive.

I have been smoking on and off for many years now and never truly believed that I would be rid of the cursed weed - however after a recommendation from a friend I bought an audio copy of Alan Carr's Easy Way for £6.'ish from Amazon (this is not an advert by the way - other stop smoking systems are available :-).

Best few quid I ever spent ! I stopped on June 6th 2011 and remain smoke free. I have started running again (I used to be very fit don't ya know) and am even considering joining a Gynasium (!) but forced purchase of Lycra putting me off that thought for now.

I feel really good physically and mentally at the moment and hope this feeling will continue.

I won't pretend it's been easy (first week saw a few temper tantrums) BUT it has been easier than I thought (any would be quitter reading this take note - it doesn't neccessarily mean a visit to Hell and back).

Anyway I'm starting to ramble....just really meant to say Hi and good luck all.

Credo !

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