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Into month 2 and feeling good

Hello all

Been reading through some posts and felt inspired to post

I am now on my second quit attempt having stopped last June and lasting only month or so, I am now in my 5th week as I write this and feeling pretty good, although breaking all the habits associated with smoking is the part I find challenging, the first 2 weeks I found surprisingly manageable and from thereafter I have had to give more effort to abstain from smoking, I don't know if anyone else would agree with this but I feel like a completely different person since I have been smoke free and I find that I am starting a new chapter in my life which is quite exciting, as each day passes I feel better in my health and well being and for the first time in a long time find myself looking forward to what the future holds !!

I just hope that I continue to feel this way !!!

Thanks for listening


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That is brilliant Rob. I think some people find it easier at first because they are so focused and then it becomes a bit routine and a little harder. Having said that as time goes on it really does get easier and the fact that you feeling so good should inspire to keep it going.


I do feel the 'new chapter' thing indeed. Actually had a bit of a craving tonight (I'm on day 35 meself), after having a couple of beers after work, as I started a new job this week. But it has passed. I wont smoke today and then I'll see what tomorrow brings.


Hi Rob.

Congratulations on getting to week 5, you must feel pretty pleased. I'm on week 6 myself and I definitely feel as 'new' as you do for it, it's great huh!? Have you noticed the difference when you walk up stairs or a steep hill? I've noticed that I'm not getting as puffed out as much and it's great to know I'm getting fitter. Good luck with your quit mate, it sounds as if you're pretty much there already.


Way to go Rob, great job!!


Cheers everyone who replied, :)


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