No Smoking Day
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Day 9

Hi everyone.

I've made it into my second week now and I'm on day 9 nearly 10 :)

It's been raining today which always helps.

The mornings are still the hardest, once I get the morning out of the way though I rarely think about smoking. I had a smoking dream last night and when I woke up this morning I genuinely believed that I had smoked lol it was bizarre.

I'm still determind not to smoke although I do feel as if I've had it quite easy so far, no major craves which on past quits have made me fall off.

I think as long as I stay on the patches for the full 12 weeks I should be ok. Still taking it day by though.

I can't wait for the 2 week milestone now I'll have to treat myself won't I :D

Thanks for reading, Daniel.

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once I get the morning out of the way though I rarely think about smoking

ye, that's the way to go, we have all spent far too much of our lives thinking about smoking, time now to think about other things! congratulations on getting to day 9! day 10 now though!!!


Thanks smoker, yeah we should be thinking about what were gonna spend all the money were saving on lol :D


Well done Daniel! soo glad to hear your doing so well! .... the morning thing will ease soon! i promise that much.... the other day i forgot to put the patch on straight away! that is how quickly it happens! ..... your routine changes, and other things in the morning take priority and become more important then that that first cigarette that you think you want.

Dead proud of you mate, keep at it :)


Brilliant stuff Daniel - You can do it.

Strange thing is i had a smoking dream last night and when i woke up it really did feel like i had smoked - And it felt horrible!

Give yourself a treat, you deserve it :)


Thanks kitkat and Ian the support really spurs me on. Day 11 now :)


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