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Accidental quitter on Day 6

Well here is a surprise, last week i decided that i needed stop smoking. Nothing new about that I have done so in the past for a few months but relapsed and gone on for months with the same nagging feeling that I should again stop. I figured that when I can no longer go 24 hours then I am back to square 1.

Anyhow last week I had a few in the morning and bought a new pack, then that evenhing I thought to myself I bet you can't not smoke for a whole evening, then the next you cant not smoke till lunchtime...and so on..

So far I am up to 6 days, had a bit of a wobble this morning with a big craving at the morning coffee, but managed the weekends that were traditionally the hardest to manage, going to keep going as well as it is easy enough to focus on just today.

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Well done dagget, you should be so proud for doing 6 days cold turkey I couldn't do that.

I'm quitting using patches and I'm on day 7 so we both quit around the same time.

Big well done again!



Well done mate

keep up the battle!!


Cold Turkey since 27th of June


Well done Daggit keep going your doing great.



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