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No Smoking Day
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Day 14 can we name the march quitters!

Hi everyone, day 14 for me today i think my quit date was the 11th march so not quite sure if i got this right!

I think all us march quitters should come up with a name for our group, any ideas on a name yet?

My quit going ok, still using nrt but less of it and gaining confidence every day that i dont smoke, and the confidence comes from all the wonderful people on here to help us newbies out when we having a bad time, so thank you all and well don to all the quitters on here whether on day 1 or day 100!


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Hi Tracy :D

2 weeks is great well done you

You sound really upbeat about this so glad everthing is going well for you




Hi Tracy

I stopped on no smoking day too, so we're in this together:D

Mad march hatters that we are!! I know i've been acting madder than usual as i've been hareing:rolleyes:around!! Just keeping busy keeping my mind off the cigs.

Well done to you!! Don't know about you but don't want to go through this again. Keep up the good work, look forward to hearing your progress:D


I would like to be in the mad march hatters too please :)


I quit on the 10th March...


YEYYYY Im a MMH too :D:D


Hy tracy21

What about the mad march quitters! I quit on the 18th so will b moving into week 3 soon whoopee! Did,nt think i,d get this far but with determination and at times feeling like i,m hanging on by the skin of my teeth i,m finaly beggining to feel the benefits.....

Though will stay on permanent guard as i know nico will still try to trip me up at times.

mandy x :)


mad march quitters!!!!!!!!want to join!!!!!!!!!

hi lilbear, yes i think the mad march quitters is great! Any one else want to join then we can get our signatures changed and finally become a group! Woo hoo at last!



You can count me in!!!!! i,m sure theres others out there to

Keep :) all you mad march quitters xx


Hi to all of you,

Fantastic to see everyone going so well. Today is day 12 for me.

I think it would be great to join us all into a group that quit in March. The mutual support from fellow quitters has helped me enormously, seeing how well others are doing, and i want that to continue.

March was a MAD mad month for sure!!! Don't mind if it's Hatters or Quitters though.

Keep going everyone - Keep strong.



Hi I'm in. Day 10 for me.


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