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Diary of a quitter - Day 7

No post yesterday, was too busy at hospital.

The Good news, am still on the wagon! I can't believe it's been a week already. I do feel better. More energy, less coughing, fresh air tastes nicer. When the cravings strike though they are sometimes so intense that they literally stop me in my tracks.

Last night and early this morning were the closest I've come to caving in and smoking so far. I really struggled for a time and contemplated going to shops and buying tobacco more than once. Willpower won in the end, and I put it down to the stress of my wife having a pretty major op today and just found something else to do. As a consequence, the laundry and the vaccuming were finished by 07:30 this morning.

I won't know how the op has gone until around 6pm today (It's a long one, approx 10 hours under the knife). I'll post something more later. Thank you to those who have sent messages of support, they cheered me up.

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You are just A-BLOODY-MAZING for not smoking through all this. I am in awe.

Sending love and positive thoughts your way. Hope the operation goes well.



Well done, going a week is fantastic news, keep it up and hope everything turns out alright for your wife.


How fantastic are you? You are doing so well not to smoke through all that stressed. Have everything crossed for you for good news :)


Well done Hodges! Gee whizz, if you can get through this you can get through absolutely anything.

Hoping your wife is by now in recovery and all is well. Hope you have had time to see her or at least get a positive report back.

So much admiration for you both


I hope your wife is doing well and well done to you for getting through this x


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