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Feeling down

Hey all its day two for me. I am really feeling down today I woke up and looked over at the dresser next to my bed and there were no cigs for me to smoke, I almost went down to the store and grabbed a pack, rather I did 50 jumping jacks instead. Is it ridiculous to feel this way, down and sad? I hope I can do this, I hate feeling sad. To everyone else keep up the good work, ur doing great. Have a great day all.

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remember that the feelings that you are going through are normal and you will get through them and it will will get better..hang in there and do some reading....many great tools we have but we gotta use them!!


It is totally and completely normal. All of us went through this stage of depression, feelings of loss, almost like bereavement. It does pass though.

Helps if you ask yourself; what exactly am I 'missing'? Spending a fortune to cough and stink and slowly kill myself... hmmm...

It'll improve, honestly. Hang in there. Don't cave!



Yep....its totally normal Agron.

The first 3 days totally suck.....but once you are over the initial 72 hours it will get much easier and before you know it you will have a month behind you and think to yourself " I can do this":cool:.

Hang in there and good luck will get lots easier :)

Best Wishes , Trev


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