Am gloomy and down - help

:( I am not having a very good evening. I don't know what has gone wrong. I am on my 9th week and I have got this doom and gloom feeling that my life is not the same now that I don't smoke. Yes, I know what you are all feeling, how bloody ridiculous but I can't help it. I have been eating chocolate for the last hour and feel sick. I suppose I will have to go to bed just to stop this feeling - when will the cravings stop for Pete's sake, I can't stand it.

Hope everyone is doing great


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  • i don't think it's ridiculous! ...........

  • But WHEN will the cravings bugger off??????????????

  • I keep getting that feeling, it's the old grieving thing again I think pretty much everyone here has experienced, me too! look at rons post shall i dig it out?

  • let me find this post fro earlier x 1 sec

  • Please - I am waiting with bated breath to read it

  • I wonder how Ron is doing today? The craving has gone now because I am busy typing on here - my family keep trying to look over my shoulder. I have told them to go away because this is my space and not theirs. I gave up partly for all of them anyway but do I hear them congratulating me or supporting me? Not much and that has upset me. My husband says it's because he has forgotton I ever smoked now as it has been so long! Really?!

  • I know you havn't blipped lol but its the same thing about feeling the want again and forgetting about how bad it felt when we couldn't get a smoke when we wanted one, how the feelings we have now about smoking are not as bad as those times. x it's just novelty wares off x

    I know you'll stay strong x x nothings gone wrong it's just that your human! :D

  • Yes I feel that too sure i posted similar last week, luckily i am all on my own tonight :D my space :D my kids have trashed the joint thouroughly all week, fighting moaning begging pleading crying blah the usual, all the time before when i did smoke they were like 'please dont smoke mum' you know what? because i was ill they havnt even noticed i am not smoking!

  • I know your right Buffy, I'm just having an off day. I'm so glad somebody was logged on so I could let it all out. Thanks x ;)

  • Typical of kids, self self self, blast them all! Husbands are the same

  • my Bf still smokes in the kitchen paraph****ia lying around like it wont affect me >< just because i was too ill to smoke! doesnt mean thats that! i keep putting lighters and ashtrays in the cupboards no hints taken ><

  • lol see you said that as i went to moan about him! rofl why did it blank out paraphernalia ??

  • They blanked out so******ing on one of my threads - weird!

    I think you should throw away all your fag stuff and stuff anyone who tries to smoke in your house!

  • hehe i am pretty much always logged on, i leave my windows open all day, a bit messy, got 6 running now >< sometimes i notice i got 3 windows to this forum running at once!! so if you do talk and i dont catch you in time its not me ignoring you it'll be because i am away from the window x

  • hmmm sounds good in theory but having him as p****d off as me probably wouldn't work to well :D hehe

  • have you had a look in the NOPE lodge thread today? thats always good for a giggle :D

  • Buffy dear I am off to bed - have a fabulous smoke free, lung clearing weekend! :p

  • Sleep well Ruby x x dream of all things sweet n lovely and bouncy :D stay strong and WELL DONE x x

  • I can't not answer you Buffy because I feel rude - thank you for chat, speak soon x

  • Hope it's a lovely new day :)

    I can't not answer you Buffy because I feel rude - thank you for chat, speak soon x

    No it's because you have to have the last word :p

    Hehe Good morning when you read this :D

  • Hey

    Hey Ruby,

    Did you manage to get through the 'pooey' evening you were having? Hope so, stay strong hun, am sure all your family are very,very proud of you, just don't suppose they realise that you can still get cravings 2 months on.

    It's a hurdle am sure you can or have got over it keep strong.

    Hugs Mildred x

  • Another week

    Hello everybody

    I have not posted anything since Friday night when was having a particularly bad day. I have not been great since. I have been reading some posts and saw Greenrizla's and know just how he feels. Any slight upset and it has me wanting to run to the shop and buy some fags. I was so positive at first and the more that time passes the worse I seem to be getting, it's crazy:eek:

    I am into my 10th week now, I have saved money, my skin and teeth are tons better, I can actually brush my teeth without my gums bleeding. That was the worse thing about smoking for me and was a big reason to give up, I could not bear the thought of losing my teeth! I smell nice all the time, my asthma has practically disappeared and I just feel much better generally......apart from this blasted mental nagging. WHEN WILL IT GO???

    By the way, I think everyone on here is MAGNIFICENT:D


    You're magnificent! Don't think this feeling will ever go, it just gets easier to live and cope with. Really, it's no were near the strength of that NEED when we did smoke and couldn't get one when we wanted!

  • I fully understand Ruby... but we WILL get there I promise.

    Keep up the great work

  • Hey, receiving my ipod might make me feel better!!!!!

  • rubymiller is magnificient!

    I had to repeat that word. Its been a long time since i've seen it used. I missed it. I had a bowl of cornflakes once. Don't pet burning dogs.


  • Hey, receiving my ipod might make me feel better!!!!!

    Hey Ruby!!! Keep your chin up. I'm on day 3 and people like yourself are my role models. Remember what it was like starting again ? C'mon I need to see you succeed !!

    Bless you, The Bear. xxx

  • I had to repeat that word. Its been a long time since i've seen it used. I missed it. I had a bowl of cornflakes once. Don't pet burning dogs.

    Iunno. No WAY! I too ........................... had ...................................... cornflakes once! how mad is that?!

    Note to self 'Don't pet burning dogs.' phew cheers for that vike, could of saved my life there hun!

  • Dearest Bear Who Cares (what a fab name)

    I have good days and bad days, my bad days are normally when I am at home doing housework and my good days are when I'm in the office and so busy I don't even think about cigs.

    I am proud of myself, today is my 65th day not smoking!!!!!!!!!:p

    I went cold turkey because I do not believe in NRT at all but not to say others shouldn't try it.

    I will not feel good until I have got past the 3 month hurdle because I gave up before for 3 months and then started again.

    Good luck to you, stick it out and let me know how you are doing x

  • Thanks Ruby,

    I just had a severe craving and up popped your post and away it went.

    Your a genius.

    Bless you !

    The Bear xxx

  • I am glad I am of some use to you! This will sound crazy but I keep a HUGE bottle of water near me at all times and take a MASSIVE gulp when I get a craving and it seems to do the trick!!

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