feeling abit down

Hi all well starting week 9 but not sure how to feel. feel proud to get to week 9 but feeling bloated all the time. just abit fed with feeling bloated and also having loose stools every other day. sorry to be abit direct but not sure how to put it. went to see the doctor and he thinks it could be IBS he did a blood test and i will get the results on monday. i think its down to quiting smoking because i was ok before. i would feel so much happier if i didnt feel unwell. sorry to go on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Janet

    i,m so sorry you are not feeling your best self right now.

    the connection between IBS and stopping smoking, i have difficulty getting my head round that one. I dont think stopping smoking will have an effect on your digestive system to thepoint you have IBS

    If you have changed your diet since stopping smoking then that would be a more plausible cause in particular-an increase of wheat consumption-breads, biscuits, cereals ect

    It is easy for all of us to blame the stopping smoking for every ailment-but it is usually the change of habits and diets DUE to stopping smoking that is the problem

    hope this helps and all the best xxxx chin up-spring round the corner!!;)

  • I'm sorry you feel rough, but I can relate to your symptoms as I have been struggling with the same symptoms on and off all the way through my quit.

    My Doctor says that it IS directly related to quitting and is most definately not IBS. He says that it is just the body trying to adjust to a completely new chemical environment and that it can take up to 6 months for things to re-adjust.

    We already know that quitters have more cold like symptoms than non smokers OR smokers for up to 2 years after quitting.

    You may not be feeling it yet, but you will soon... it IS worth it, it truly is. I promise. I am still suffering (most won't by my stage of quitting) with niggly health problems related to quitting.... but it is SO worth it for all the other reasons (energy, stamina, etc, etc).

    Please don't let this get to you, try finding tips about how to help yourself (My Mum - MargaretH, another quitter and just ahead of you on the road to freedom - swears by Actimel to regulate things) feel better.

    You're doing superbly, I hope you feel better soon.

  • :)Hi Janet

    Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps and unwell at the moment but you should certainly be feeling proud of yourself on getting to week 9 so give yourself a big pat on the back

    Shabba may well be right and this unwell feeling is due to you unconsciously changing your eating habits

    You do not need to be sorry for having a little grumble on here we all do from time to time and after all we are here to help each other aren't we hope you soon feel better

    love margaretxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Janet

    Me again

    Stuart {my son} is absolutely right i do swear by Actimel {it is a drinking yoghurt} you can buy in any supermarket it helps to boost your immune system if that doesn't work for you Activia is supposed to be good but i have not tried it myself

    I was a smoker for over 50 years so Please do not give up I feel so much better since I quit

    Love margaretxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • yes Margareth gave me the same advice, as my problem is flu-like symptons, so today ihave bought the actimel and going to start with 2 aday and see if this helps-will keep you posted on that one xxx

  • I may be strange Janet but I really like a good bowel discussion! :eek:

    I have / had IBS diagnosed when I was 15 and have to some extent controlled it through diet for the last 20 years.

    Every now and then it would go haywire with me & I would bloat up and get very constipated. I remember being in a meeting with a woman who was about to go on maternity leave and my stomach was larger than hers.

    Anyway, since I quit smoking I have not had a single episode of this and actually, for a while have thought that IBS is a lazy GP diagnosis and related to other factors in our lives.

    For me I am starting to question if the chemicals in cigarettes actually caused the onset of these problems as the timing also matches the first time I was smoking regulaly.

    I see a dietician and digestive spe******t once a month after finally getting a referal from my GP early last year. Before I caught pneumonia (that led me to stopping smoking) we had tried altering my diet (in a controlled way) so many times with nothing helping. They are both amazed at the difference the fags have made. If I can free myself from the stomiach problems that have plagued me for 20 years that will be the biggest benefit I can see.

    Anyway - to summarise, I too don't think it's IBS but relating to the chemicals leaving your body.

    As for Activia - people with IBS are told to avoid these as they aggravate both in terms of the dairy content and the enzimes. They caused me severe pain for a week after taking one a day for a week.

    Take Care


  • I've leαrnt something tonight - whαt Ciαlis meαns.

    Thαnks F2Q.

    And you Nic ;)

    :eek: you said you wouldn't say where you got it from :eek:

  • Jim, I'd ask who you are going to give it to now, but I fear that what was a highbrow bowel discussion could become rather unsavoury :p

  • thank you all for your support and advice. iam sure my problem is down to quiting and not IBS. just have to see how it goes but i know one thing it wont make me start smoking again. thanks again xxxxxxx

  • thank you all for your support and advice. iam sure my problem is down to quiting and not IBS. just have to see how it goes but i know one thing it wont make me start smoking again. thanks again xxxxxxx

    Great attitude, I am sure it will turn out to be a temporary thing, many of us have had similar things.

  • I've leαrnt something tonight - whαt Ciαlis meαns.

    Thαnks F2Q.

    And you Nic ;)

    Are you going to share?

  • Hi all

    Janet I hope you are feeling better today

    BB I read the same discussion myself as I said I have never tried activia but have used and still use actimel which works for me since starting to take them again i have not had sore throat or colds and generally feel better

    I'm not an expert but when in Frenchay hospital the neurology consultant prescribed them for all patients on antibiotics and said they bolstered immune system

  • I've leαrnt something tonight - whαt Ciαlis meαns.

    Thαnks F2Q.

    And you Nic ;)

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  • Pooh

    Dont mean to threadjack but Im having the opposite effect, two and a half months quit with a few puffs, not even a whole ciggie when I was drunk and Im in daily torment cos I just cant poo! There I said it. I dont mean to be gross but I used to have a coffee and a cig in the mornings and then the loo but now its not happening for days on end and is leaving me soo bloated and grumpy. Soz to gross you all out. Its one of the worst things about this quit. : (

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