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Down down deeper and down

Hi all, I got to 14 weeks and couldnt take anymore of misery hard to live with crabbie my focus went clean out the window. But thats not how it really happened well the focus did. I have been in pain with inflammation of the joints in my right arm and will be having cortisone injections next tuesday in my shoulder and elbow. I know what your thinking WHY DID I HAVE A FAG?. I was depressed and in so much pain i know the pain is still there. Im not beating myself up over it because i will quit again, but need to feel better in my wellbeing and at the moment i am not feeling ok. My OH was not to blame it was totally down to me. Well done to all who have succeeded and i will do my best to be well again.

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Fleetwood, I'm really sorry to hear it. But chronic pain has a way of distorting our thoughts and behaviour like nothing else can - I can completely understand why you caved.

I really hope you can find the strength to quit again soon; as you say, the pain's still there and the smoking won't help with it. You did so well to get to 14 weeks, it's no small achievement.



Many thanks Karri and Hels, i will start again when i have had my injections because i know i will be on the road to recovery.


Hi Fleetwood. what a horrible time your having, the pain must be horrendous for you! and you know what i read your post and I felt relieved that you didnt go down the road of beating yourself up! because its happened now and like you have said you will quit again, and of course you will. This is about the rest of you life, not now, not the moment.. The way i look at it is this.. whats the point in getting so depressed about a quit.. you did 14 weeks and that is brilliant in itself! hold onto that and you will be stronger next time. Good luck :)


Thankyou Kitkat. Il get back on track real soon. J x


I'll second that x


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