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Eye hospital, talk about feeling very down

Well most of you know the story re my sclera schell ( false eye, ) I have tried to accept it, how ever as the day goes on, my eye becomes wider and wider untill I look like I've got a marble in my eye. At hospital today, they say have to accept it, well I can't .

So just to say bobbing of the forum for a while, as I cannot support people when I,m feeling bad my self .

Just wanted to let you guys know, that I have just not disappeared, I,m upset that's all.

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Tracey, sorry to hear you are struggling, I take my hat off to you as I think you are amazingly brave to deal with this and to be quitting the cigs as well.

Remember all the support you have given on here, well nows the time to take some back, don't feel as if your on your own, because even its for a different reason there's still loads of people on here who care for your wellbeing and will give you support when you need it.

You take care of yourself.


Oh Tracey, I didn't know. Seems harsh advice you've been given. When you feel you have the energy I would ask for second opinion too. I don't know anything about your condition and googling usually gives you up beat information or graphic images, neither helpful. Is there a support group for you to join, it is the place I go to for information. Wish I could give you a hug x


Sorry to hear that Tracey. Definitely get a second opinion and don't take no for an answer.

Be polite but firm and tell them it is worrying you from a medical and psychological point of view.

Best wishes :)


THANKYOU, for me no alternative, so accept or don't, for me I can't accept, I've not been shopping In two years, let alone had a hair cut, or make up. And while I find people have such lovely intentions, living like this is not for me

thanks for your responses , all very kind hearted.


Just sending you big deserve better , xxx


Tracey I hate to see you like this hun, you are such a positive and upbeat person, as the others have said please do get a second opinion if this is affecting your well being it's not right, please know that we are all here for you, you are one of the kindest sweetest people on this forum and if I can help in any way I will, even to come to where you are and go shopping with you xxxx


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