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Today is the day



Smoked my last cigarette last night around ten ish, had smoked 26 yesterday :eek:

So I have a 25mg 16hr patch on and will be using the inhalator to break my cycle routine... scared...but feeling VERY positive....

Have not told my girls yet, will wait and see if they notice ;)

Looking forward to having some money as was spending nearly a tenna a day..not good...

Just got to keep busy, today should be ok as I am seeing patients all day and consulting, but the girls are at their dads till tomorrow night si it's just doing other things ...

Any way, i'll post after lunch to let you know how i got on with the inhalator in my garage(where I smoke) as I usually pack in 4 in 25mins :eek:

Catch you later and good luck everyone


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Good luck Magda, keep busy to take your mind of it, if you manage day 1 OK then days 2, 3 etc are easier.

Fingers crossed.....

Thankyou very much :D


Well done Magda , best thing you can ever do for yourself :cool:

Welcome to the gang :D

Trev x

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