200 days today for me...

Today (some time later today) Thursday 27th, January I have been quit smoking for 200 days and in doing so have not smoked 4000 cigarettes during this time. I quit on July 11th last year, and even though at first I found my determination made my quit easy, i have along the way been presented a number of 'challenges' which have made me draw all my energy to lock down the quit to a manageable level again. I got here though, and intend to go much, much further yet.

We are not done yet Nicotine Demon. I will have the last laugh yet, but for now, i have not even let a single cigarette into my life and while i keep that Not One Puff Ever rule alive, the demon will recede from whence he came.

Glad as always i'm making this journey.. next stop .. 7 months.


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  • We are not done yet Nicotine Demon. I will have the last laugh yet

    Of course you will..... look at the silly little guy :rolleyes:


    Well done, Jase! 200 days is quite something.... Congrats!

  • Sweet dude, 200 days rocks. Keep it up 300 is next then a year woot.:D

  • 200 days...

    Hey Jase, congratulations, times is flying for you now, your have done brill.... Penthouse is looming.....:p

  • Fantastic you, 200 days wow, you have remained strong throughout.

    Thanks again for all your support.

  • Congrats Jase

    And well done.

    200 days - woo woo

    P.s. Today is wednesday mate but it is 27th

  • lol i've been out of sync all this week due to sleep depravation.. yep today is wednesday.. 27th is the date that matters though :)

  • Hey Jase,

    Bloody well done you, you thoroughly deserve it, mostly for the fact that you put me on to celebrity quitters!! xx

  • Well done, 200 days is just a huge achievement. I hope you are treating yourself today.


  • Fantastic Jase - Well done


  • Big Well Done Jase, well deserved.


  • Well done Jase, a good strong quit and a strong positive attitude too :)

    A great combination which will keep you going and going.... :cool:

    Bloomin' marvelous :cool:

  • Congrats from me too, Jase.

    Oh well....another excuse for a couple of Duvels :)

    At least we can afford them ;)

  • thanks all. It was my OH that commented about my 200 days being soon too, i'd not even thought about it.. then i checked the calendar itself and i was only about 4 days away from it.. time hasn't half flown by lately.

    @ cav. mmmmmm now duvel's.. i finised off the last bottles last weekend, i must go get more :)

  • Jase, CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 DAY MILESTONE!! Keep going strong! Jody

  • Jase congratulations from me too, thats a fantastic milestone, you must be so proud. Well done you. :)

  • Hi Jase.

    A big well done and congratulations for going 200 days. Here's to another 200 days.:cool:

    Keep feeling proud and keep being strong.

    Ju x

  • Jase

    Well done Jase ,

    Easy aint it !...........Mr Nico Demon is a big daft pansy that doesnt worry us anymore.:p These milestones keep cropping up fast nowadays ( another one for me tomorrow :D ).

    Keep up the good work mate !


    20 a day for 30 years :eek:

    Quit 28th April 09

    3 months patches

    a gnats C*^% off 6 months C.T:cool:

  • hey jase - well done mate - thats pushing towards 2/3rds of a year now eh (then gotta get you into unchartered territory with longest quit times)

    Ain't this the gift that juts keeps giving though - its great. were gonna have to get you a bigger trophy cabinet soon :D

  • Yeeeehar Jase!!!!

    Thats fabulous news.... in fact tis the mutts nuts!!!!!

    Super Pleased for you chap! :D :D :D


  • Jase

    200 days is just brilliant.

    Well done mate - and thanks for all your messages and support.


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