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200 days today for me...


Today (some time later today) Thursday 27th, January I have been quit smoking for 200 days and in doing so have not smoked 4000 cigarettes during this time. I quit on July 11th last year, and even though at first I found my determination made my quit easy, i have along the way been presented a number of 'challenges' which have made me draw all my energy to lock down the quit to a manageable level again. I got here though, and intend to go much, much further yet.

We are not done yet Nicotine Demon. I will have the last laugh yet, but for now, i have not even let a single cigarette into my life and while i keep that Not One Puff Ever rule alive, the demon will recede from whence he came.

Glad as always i'm making this journey.. next stop .. 7 months.


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We are not done yet Nicotine Demon. I will have the last laugh yet

Of course you will..... look at the silly little guy :rolleyes:


Well done, Jase! 200 days is quite something.... Congrats!

Sweet dude, 200 days rocks. Keep it up 300 is next then a year woot.:D

200 days...

Hey Jase, congratulations, times is flying for you now, your have done brill.... Penthouse is looming.....:p

Fantastic you, 200 days wow, you have remained strong throughout.

Thanks again for all your support.

Congrats Jase

And well done.

200 days - woo woo

P.s. Today is wednesday mate but it is 27th

lol i've been out of sync all this week due to sleep depravation.. yep today is wednesday.. 27th is the date that matters though :)

Hey Jase,

Bloody well done you, you thoroughly deserve it, mostly for the fact that you put me on to celebrity quitters!! xx

Well done, 200 days is just a huge achievement. I hope you are treating yourself today.


Fantastic Jase - Well done


Big Well Done Jase, well deserved.


Well done Jase, a good strong quit and a strong positive attitude too :)

A great combination which will keep you going and going.... :cool:

Bloomin' marvelous :cool:

Congrats from me too, Jase.

Oh well....another excuse for a couple of Duvels :)

At least we can afford them ;)

thanks all. It was my OH that commented about my 200 days being soon too, i'd not even thought about it.. then i checked the calendar itself and i was only about 4 days away from it.. time hasn't half flown by lately.

@ cav. mmmmmm now duvel's.. i finised off the last bottles last weekend, i must go get more :)

Jase, CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 DAY MILESTONE!! Keep going strong! Jody

Jase congratulations from me too, thats a fantastic milestone, you must be so proud. Well done you. :)

Hi Jase.

A big well done and congratulations for going 200 days. Here's to another 200 days.:cool:

Keep feeling proud and keep being strong.

Ju x


Well done Jase ,

Easy aint it !...........Mr Nico Demon is a big daft pansy that doesnt worry us anymore.:p These milestones keep cropping up fast nowadays ( another one for me tomorrow :D ).

Keep up the good work mate !


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

a gnats C*^% off 6 months C.T:cool:

hey jase - well done mate - thats pushing towards 2/3rds of a year now eh (then gotta get you into unchartered territory with longest quit times)

Ain't this the gift that juts keeps giving though - its great. were gonna have to get you a bigger trophy cabinet soon :D

Yeeeehar Jase!!!!

Thats fabulous news.... in fact tis the mutts nuts!!!!!

Super Pleased for you chap! :D :D :D



200 days is just brilliant.

Well done mate - and thanks for all your messages and support.


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