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13 days of torture

:eek:still not smoking 13 days have been torture some days i just have to turn my back on the whole world its the only way i know i will resist those cravings read three novels and watched every soap. changed the furniture around planted seeds hoovered tomorrow i might visit my mum which might be hard cos she smokes like a factory bless her. i never want to have another relapse its so hard to find the stamina to stop again.


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Hello :)

13 days is excellent Mash and cold turkey as well :eek:

It is hard to start another quit. You look back and you think "god I wish I had just stuck with it, look where I'd be now

i know people say dont let it get you down but it does, it really takes it out of you. i do wish id stuck with it im not letting anything become an excuse to smoke again. cheers Karri and well done .



hi mash,i am on day 12 today and i can relate to everything you say,i too feel like it is torture,i am suffering with terrible anxiety and i am sure if it would just go i would feel a lot better,i actually feel sick it is that bad and also wish i had stuck with it in the past as i have had numerous attempts and i know every quit can be different but this time it has truly made me feel i can not go through this again as each time for me it does become harder,on a brighter note i am sure we do not have much longer to go before we will start to feel better,for me it has usually been around the 3 to 4 week mark and that is what is keeping me going as it does pass quickly but i do understand when you say it is draining as that is what i feel at the moment you just think tomorrow might be better,so i say one day at a time and we will make it,all the best,



Mash, thinking of you. Keep going. Stay strong. You're back on the right road now, just keep plodding on, it will get easier.



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