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My Reason's for quitting

Hey Guys,

I am new here just came across this website by chance. I am planning to visit my local NHS support group i have not yet given up thought i would do it the right way instead of going cold turkey WISH ME LUCK!!

I have been smoking for 10 years i smoke about 10-15 depending on my day sometimes i have smoked a whole pack without even noticing:confused: i have tried to give up before by going cold turkey, replacements such as inhalator's, patches but my nerves got the better of me :mad:

My main reason for qutting smoking is me and my husband are trying to concieve our first child we have been trying for 4 years with so many complications :mad: so i decided to stick myself on a diet chuck the junk food out and join the gym also i want to increase my chances of a healthy pregnancy and know smoking does not contribute to it.

So that's me in a nut shell anyone els doing it for the same reasons please share experience and the easiest way to over-come the cravings.

Bye for now :)

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For what it's worth Cold Turkey was the right way for me, but as many others have said, it doesn't matter how you do it so long as you actually do it, what suits some won't suit others and vice versa.

Good luck, I wish you well


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