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My many reasons for quitting!!


I have so many reasons for stopping......, My main reason is my health i have a tracheostomy and should never smoke. I have 2 young boys i want to see grow up, money and my most recent reason is im going for a tummy tuck in 8-10 weeks and smoking can cause some serious complications! So im so determined to do it this time!!

I will suceed!xx

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Yup it is, i did smoke normally tho, not through my neck! It sounds terrible doesnt it!

I had Glandular fever when i was 15 and my vocal cords were damaged and paralysied (sp?), i have had it for over 10 years now.

Thanks, im going to need all the help i can get.xx

No i dont mind you asking at all.

Because of my damaged vocal cords my air way is very restricted so i need my trachie to bypass the obstruction.I think i kinda smoked so i felt normal if you get what i mean, fit in with the crowd!

Today has been a bit of a struggle but im still hanging in there, just boredoom today! x

Im proud of myself, before when i tried to quit i was only doing it because i was getting nagged to do it but this time i am doing it for myself!

Im so glad i found this site too, its good to know you are not the only one going through this hellish journey.!

Im looking forward to being able to say, No sorry i dont smoke,lol!

Funny tho i was struggling this afternoon but since i have been back in here i feel good again!:D

:p Now thats my kinda of therapy,lol,might give it a go ,pmp!!

My hubby is treating me to an Idian tonight, his way of saying well done,bless. Does your hubby smoke?? Mine doesnt and he is over the moon that im trying to quit again!:)

Thats great, i hope you both do it this time!;)

No hubby has never smoked and he has been trying to get me to stop for over 10 years now! I think he is finding it a bit hard with me just now, mood swings are a bit random today,lol!

Thats us been and had our Indian,lol, it was really tasty tonight for some reason, wonder if my taste buds are improving already???

Dont worry i still have plenty of room left for your pizza,hehe.:D

Oh nearly another day over already,woo hoo!!

What treatment are you using??? Iv not had chance to go and look back at your old messages yet!


Curry my fav food Think i may talk nice to my other half mybe we could get take away Linda xxx

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