No Smoking Day
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day one!

Another day one for me, I managed 6 months with the help of this site last time which did my health no end of good! This time round I'm humbled by the power of nicotine to grab me back into the smokers club after so long, and so I've been reading Alan Carr's book to give myself a head start. And a good book it is too :)

Best of luck to anyone else thinking of stopping today, I'm sending positive vibes your way, hope you get them :)


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It's terrible - I managed 3 months last year and a weekend away saw me having "just the one" only to have me back and hooked within the week. Good luck on this quit, at least you know now what you're up against and you really can't have "just one" :)


Smoker, I'm so glad to see you back again. Well done for clambering back on to the wagon. Hold on tight this time! You can do this xxx


four hours in and all is well, except when I went for lunch and stopped at the door feeling like I was missing something but couldn't work out what!

Yay, thanks to you both, so good to be back :)


smoker - with a 6 month quit still fresh in the memory I'm sure you'll soon be able to click back into not smoking being the norm.

Good luck


Hello Used2

So glad to see you back!

All good thoughts going your way today.



welcome back:D


Well done on having another go dont need em and quitting smoking is really easy , I have done it lots of times:confused:.

Best wishes to you , lets hope this is THE quit .:)

Regards Trev


still in the 'dog house', which is my new name for day one :) I had a melt down (and possibly a melt through but waiting on a report... :D) after 36 hours, but just threw my second pack into the bin in as many days and so here we go again lol

But you know, one good thing, I'm just not beating myself up over this, I'll stay in the dog house until my time comes, just a matter of waiting for the right wave :)

happy no smoking all! 5mol<er


Nice to hear from you Smoker, you encouraged me during my first week, still hanging in there, good luck I'm sure it will be a bit better this time x


Same Boat As You!!!!!!!!

I read with interest your last quit lasted 6 months.Same as me:)......Be Strong And You will reach 6 months again...AND MORE.....I'm approaching DAY 4 in five hours and remain strong.Our quits are very important to us.....I'm staying close to this fabulous forum all along the way as I dont want to let myself down again.Keeping In touch here is reminding me of the importance of quitting smoking.It isnt easy but gets easier with the passage of time.Best Wishes...douglas.j


rats to cold turkey :S just can't get past day one even though I'm fairly convinced it's a great method, alan carr and all that...

so, day one (again....) on the full fat patches, got a good feeling i'll make it... till tomorrow :)

it's amazing how little time you need to be off the cigs to feel so much better, cigs are just poison and they taste like it! why do we smoke them, it's beyond belief!

good luck all you day one peeps :)


Hey 5mol<er keep strong you can do it, you said yourself cigs are poison and they taste like it so you know they are no good. If the patches dont work see if you can get the Champix tablets. I have only taken my first one today and I have to keep smoking for a few days until they kick in but fingers crossed they work..

Stay strong we can do this and beat the Ciggies :):):)


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