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New room and a glass of Champagne to go with it

I've finally made my goal of 1 year nicotine free and it feels great. I'm absolutely delighted with myself. :D

It's not been easy though. I've said on here before, that the first 3 weeks of my quit were hell and they were. But looking back those hard times gave me the strength to get through subsequent cravings which were really not so bad.

Not that i'm cured though - far from it. I found myself craving a smoke last week when i was in an outdoor cafe and could smell other peoples smoke. Sadly i do enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke sometimes although thankfully, the smell of someone who just smoked a cigarette is repulsive.

This is just the first major milestone. Now i have to keep the quit going and i'm also working harder now to get fit again, actually i'm not sure i've ever been fit - i started smoking at 15.

I had to do a medical check for work the other day and the although my lungs have improved, my weight has not. I reckon i've put on at leas 10Kg in the last year. On top of that my cholesterol levels are too high so it's time i knuckled down and did something about it.

The doc said i'm too heavy. I said yes i know. The doc said i'm unfit. I said yes i know that too. He said that's right you already know you need to diet and you know you need to exercise more. It's time to do it.

Have a good day and keep your quits strong. :)

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Fantastic achievement James

Great to have you here James, settle in and enjoy the champs.

As to weight all in good time. You've quit smoking anything is possible.

Congratulations once again.



Losing the weight will be easy compared to stopping smoking. I just have to quit the beer which will likely be the problem. :)


Well done Tao (please explain the username as that's the name of a top club in Vegas, any link ?)

Great effort to go a year smoke free but proof to us all that occasional cravings still hit us so far down the road and no-one can afford to drop their guard.

Weight is less of an issue than dealing with the symptoms of smoking, one step at a time, good luck !


Excellent, James, bloody well done to you :cool:

A milestone well worth a beer or 3 ... but not many more I guess ;)

Congratulations, enjoy your day and all the best for Year II along with getting the body and heart in good shape.

Pol x


Really really well done James. If you can do a year of not smoking you can most certainly lose a bit of weight. Bet if you'd still been smoking the doc would have been far more worried about that.

Fantastic achievement. :D


Welcome to the Penthouse James I will get you a drink at the bar, all on the house.

I bet deep down it doesnt matter that you have like most of us put some weight on ( I have lumped on 12kg) and that your cholesterol has risen (mine went up as well after quit) because you are now a none smoker and with a little more determination you will lose the weight and get fit and then your cholesterol will go down.

Have a great second year smoke free.


congrats james!! 1 year:eek: go celebrate today and start the diet tomorrow!


Congratulations James!!

The one year mile-stone! Just amazing. Isn't it just crazy how fast time flies.

Save some champagne for me!!!

whoooo hooo!!!


Sorry I am a little late, the achievement is still huge, well done.



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