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Made it to day three.

Hi everybody,

Thanks again for all the words of support everybody as given me. I stopped on Monday and have made it to Wednesday, day three without a cig. I will admit this as not been easy. Yesterday I found quite tough as I have this morning. I find it difficult when I wake up to not just automatically reach out and light up a cig. It happened yesterday and happened this morning, the first cig is the one to avoid, I guess.The craving is bad in the morning.

Yesterday though I started to experience some physical effects of my stopping smoking. I am not sure if this is the norm but my head started to pound last night, not a head ache but more of a rush of blood. During the afternoon I started to cough up stuff (horrible) and my throat is really sore this morning.

I am going to do this, I know it would be ever so easy to kid myself and just have one. If I do that, I will have failed. So today I am starting on the positive, I have my patch on and we are heading off for a long walk.

Once again thank you for your support, thank you for taking the time to read.

Regards stateofgrace

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Hi StaeofGrace :D

Well done getting to day 3 you're doing great hang in there

The pounding head and coughing is pefectly normal so don't worry about it, it will soon pass

As you say it isn't easy but I promise it will get easier for you the further you get into the quit


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Stateofgrace,

Great to see you on Day 3. These first few days can be tough, but it will get easier. Each time you get past a trigger it will give you more strength to get past the next one. Stay strong, you are doing really well.



Hi Stateofgrace,

Well done. I hope you enjoyed your walk and the smell of fresh air. I am with you on the sore throat. Keeping busy may not ake your mind off things yet but it does make the time pass quicker.




Hi stateofgrace, ive just been catching up on here and would like to congratulate you day 3 is fantastic, your doing brilliant and each small step takes you further down the road to freedom, one day at a time, one hour or one minute however you take each step it will get easier, keep smiling and take care, x



Hi everybody

Once again, thank you for all your words of encouragement and support. I decided to wait until the end of the day before replying, as this as been a very tough day and one that brought me to the point of cracking. After the walk I was in town and actually went into a shop with every intention of buying a packet, while waiting in line to be served, sense kicked in and I walked out.

This evening as been a lot better, the cravings have died down quite a lot and I realised that I had actually sat ,simply watching TV for a few hours and had not even thought about having a cig. So I believe and hope that the periods of time when the craving kicks in are actually starting to extend and I am hoping that the actual urges to light up are also diminishing. Don’t get me wrong I don't think for a moment I am out of the woods yet.

Anyway the great news is that I have made it though this day, that’s three days without a cig.

Once again thanks for reading and thanks for the support, tomorrow is half a week, day four. I am reasonably confident I can get though this but understand not to underestimate the many hurdles I have yet to get over. I still intend to take it one day at a time.

Regards stateofgrace.


Hi Sateofgrace :D

Well done on getting through day three that's great also well done on not giving in and buying those fags especially as you actually went into the shop and then walked out

Glad the evening was better for you and havinf beaten off that huge crave you'll be far stronger if another one hits well done


Marg xxxxxxxx


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