No Smoking Day
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Hope day three will be better

Well got up this morning and boy was i feeling shit could have murded a couple of smokes but i did not......I placed my secound patch on my arm and had a drink of tea did not feel better for at least 1hr as the day went on i felt up and down urges were very strong but hay i still have had no fags......

Hope day 3 will be better.......

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Hi Whiteboy - See you're on patches - I am too - week 8 now and feeling good. The first few days it's all on your mind - I ate loads of melons!!!(well each to their own) but even that need to replace fags with food has passed now. I did have strange dreams (one of which involved a ninja squirrel that had a good hold on my hand!!) but stuck with the 24 hour patch knowing that my weakest point was first thing in the morning. (don't know what patch you're on). For the last two weeks I've removed the patch to hopefully get some sleep (but I'm not sure it was the patch maybe just anxiety waking me up) - but all that does pass - stick with it :)

Loopy XX


Hi Whiteboy

bet you feel proud this morning getting past a shit day. everyone gets one or two in the first week but it do get better. Keep with it . Linda


Morning whiteboy x x x x

I am sure that you know the first week is tough x x and especially the first 3-4 days.

It isn't a long time on the grand scale of things! so keep strong and keep in touch x x x x

Even the silliest little thing that bugs you, come here and post and rant at us! we are all in this together and will be right behind you, not judging you x x

Remember to take it hour by hour and to keep spoiling yourself with treats and tricks if you like :D just keep your self satisfied by any other means x x

Keep it up x x


Thanks all still going ok

Its helping me posting on here

On day 3 now:)


Grats x x day three! your still here! well done x x

Spoil yourself today, ok?

Buffy xx


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