No Smoking Day
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Day 21

Hi everyone.

I am now 3 weeks into my quit, it's gone so fast!. :D

It is quite easy at the moment, I'm still on the patches. Although yesterday was quite tough because when I got up I was quite stressed and I thought to myself a cig would be nice now. I stuck it out though and after an hour I was fine, there's no way I'm getting this far then caving and ruining all the hard work I've put in.

Yeah so at the moment it's going good and I feel really determind not to smoke.

Thanks, Daniel.

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Good for you Dan, stick with it that month is nearly here, well done.

Maria. x


Thanks Maria.

Yeah a month will be my next big milestone :)


Great job Daniel! A big WELL DONE on reaching 3 weeks!



Cheers Alex, I'm so proud and I know as long as I finish the course of patches I should be fine, so I feel really positive about this quit at the moment.


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