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Hi im new, on my first day

I've been smoking around 7 years, ive given up in the past using the allen carr method (reading his book and watching the dvd) lasted around 6 months i can't believe i started up again, but here i am again going through the first day, im not too bad but having moments, i went to the nhs stop smoking clinic and im on patches, they seem to be helping loads.

For some reason i feel super tired, i was going to give up monday (30th) but after visiting the clinic i felt ready, so sick of paying to kill myself its so stupid. Looking forward to chatting to you all


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Welcome to the site Hayley, you've come to the right place to get the support you need.

All the best for a successful quit!

Helen x


Hi Hayley,

Welcome to the forum!

I have seen many people who say they feel tired at first, and I remember experiencing this as well. I think it's just a natural response to changing one's lifestyle, but if it seems to get worse don't hesitate to see your GP.



good luck hazcaz.

I felt completely drained for a few days after I quit, I was getting headrushes and felt dizzy all day for about a week, it does pass however.

Stay positive and I'm sure you'll be OK


Welcome to the forum Hazcaz. I hope you find it as useful and supportive as i have so far, and all the best with your quit!

Since I quit, i have been finding getting off to sleep very easy. I still wake up occasionally in the night but that is easing. Generally, when i go to bed, i am totally ready to sleep! Your body has lost its crutch in the nicotene and it is amazing how it shows itself in the different symptoms people experience!

Having quite before, you will already know it gets easier. It sounds like you could have nailed it this time :D


Well Done Hazcaz

Good on you ! , I am also on day 1 today after a failed quit.

Stopping smoking is the best gift that you can ever give to yourself .:)




Welcome Hazcaz and Bladeflyer

Don't give up giving up :)

You'll find lots of support here and so many people who have been in your position.

Good luck and take care

NSD team


Hi Hayley, tiredness was one of the silly side effects I had but it does eventually pass and then you will feel full of beans, I went CT but still has some bizzarr dreams which was a bit strange but no scarey.

Welcome to the forum its a great place to quit without feeling lonely.


Thanks everyone i made it through my first day :)

Thanks for all your replys and kind words


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