No Smoking Day
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Hi im Rob and this is my 7th day smoke free !!!

Hi to all

I have been reading through the posts on this forum and decided to sign up and say hello to everyone !!

Im Rob im 34 and have been smoking since i was 18, i have stopped a few times before and finally became fed up with the control smoking had over me.

Well i stopped on saturday the 4th of this month which makes this day 7,i am using the patches and so far so good, i have had occasional mood swings which im not sure are related to smoking or other things going on right now, considering the events going on right now in my life, life is full on , i have 3 small children, my own business which is suffering , and to top it off went to the dentist this morning to have 2 wisdom teeth removed,but i intend to keep my spirits high and regain control of my life and never smoke again....

Thanks for listening.

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Good luck Rob.

Always interests me that people join in the forum a few days after quitting, I assume as comfort/support ?

I think you're at the right place buddy, always someone here to offer a good word.

I wish you well....


goodluck!! :) im on day 8 cold turkey!! not finding it too bad as yet, starting to think less about ciggerettes but its still there and will be for along time!! jus eating like a horse :rolleyes: wish you the best :)


Hi Rob :)

The very best of luck to you in your quit, we're all here to help if we can :)


Thanks people ! inspiring words of encouragement

The thing i find comforting is that i have not had any feeling of depriving myself of smoking, but then perhaps that is because i was so fed up with it that i didnt really care whether i smoked or not anymore.

Here`s hoping this mindset stays with me

Thanks again


Welcome to the forum Rob, and great news that you're doing so well.

If it's any consolation I once smoked after having a wisdom tooth taken out, and it gave me dry socket infection, which, let me tell you, is unbelievably excruciatingly painful. I'd rather go through labour again! At least THAT won't happen to you now :rolleyes:

Keep going, you can do this!



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