No Smoking Day

hi, im new, be nice!

hiya everyone , ive just found this site, and im so pleased.

ive just started champix, im on day 5, having headaches but still want to smoke! nothing else seems to be changing, when will i start to notice a difference , and when will the urge to stop kick in?

sorry for the questions but i soooo want to lose the desire to smoke

jude xx

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Hi Jude, firstly to the best place to be!:)

Secondly: we are all nice, always so relax!:D

Thirdly: what a great decision you've made.. to quit! Champix helped me a lot - the only thing to keep in mind is that a miracle it ain't, you still need to do some work yourself.:)

You'll find loads of good folk on here with masses of experience and all are willing to share.

When things start to kick in depends a lot on individuals.. probably over the next day or two you might start to notice differences!

Good luck.


Hey Jude

(See what i did there :D)

Welcome to the site and congratulations on having completed 5 days already

Many will say those are the hardest 5 days and you are well on the way to overcoming the dreaded old nicotine addiction.

Quite a few of the guys have also used Champix and i am sure they will be along soon to impart their wisdom

I quit new years day so am on day 18 and i am hardly thinking about smoking at all - certainly no physical cravings now just the odd moment or two when i think it would be nice to have a fag but nothing more than that.

Remember the only thing a cigarette gives you is the desire to have another cigarette. They pointless and useless.

All the best of luck to you, this is place is full of warm and knowledgable people and whenever you need support or a moan or just want to share how its going this is the place



:mad: I was going to do the 'Hey Jude!' you have to ruin everything!! :p

Sorry :o

Welcome on board Jude x x x x

I am not a champix user myself but many have successfuly quit through it x x x

One thing I do know is that everything requires a degree of 'Will Power' so plan well x x

What things will you do in your time? read, walk, jog etc

Drink water, eat little and often and keep your money from smoking and use it to reward yourself x x

~Buffy x x


Hey Jude

(See what i did there :D)

don't know why but this had me in stitches.. not often LOL is true but here it was.. in fact still giggling to myself.. thanks Paul, you've cheered an old man up!:D


Hey, Jude, life ain't so bad

Take a bad habit and make it better

let it out and not in, hey, Jude, begin

to make it better, better BETTER

Congrats on the five days, give it a couple more days then when day 7 is behind you its easier forever.


John... not Lennon is it? Now that would be freaky man:D


Na na na na, hey hey-ey, that isn't me


Hi Jude, of course we will be nice to you. This is a great forum and you will get loads of support here.

I am on patches so cannot give you any advise on Champix but there are a few here taking it.

PaulC that had me giggling too.:D


thanks everyone , although i didnt expect to be sung to! :)

ill look for people using champix on the boards to see if i can find any info

jude x


urgh. took a pill half an hour ago, feeling really sick!!

its my first higher dose!


Search out user 'justintime' he was one of the first users and gave a lot of help out here.

People recommend, eating with the tablet or just before and drinking water with it. To help ease the sickness, also pepermint tea anything with ginger in it, biscuits, beer, tea etc

also you could try those sickness bands, they are sold in chemists. A bead presses on a pressure point on the wrist, I found these useful for morning sickness and the kids in the car.

'Kazza' is a current champix user too. And 'steveh' used it


thanks Buffy, will have a look for them.

hi kerrbear, im not as bad as you yet, but have headaches, feeling sick, i ache but didnt think it was the pills!

i do take them with food, but will try the ginger too

thanks Jude x


Jude, Champix did what it says on the tin for me - did have moments of mild nausea but nothing to worry about. I used crystalised ginger bits throughout the whole day, tomato juice (still on that) and Bach rescue pastilles.. Not all at the same time mind! Dry Jacob's cream crackers were also helpful in the mornings

HTH :)


thanks, i expected headaches and feeling sick

im now on day 6 but apart from the above, feel the same, im still smoking though, which worries me

gonna make my quit day on monday, hopefully over the weekend it kicks in!

im just reading others posts to try to find out how it worked for them.

thanks for replying

jude x


aww thank you , ill keep going with them and see what happens over weekend.

and well done on your quit :)

jude x


hi all, well, the champix seems to be kicking in , hardly smoked much yesterday, hopfully even less today, ready for my quit day tomorrow!

side affects arent too bad now apart from the massive headaches!

im off to work now :( hopefully catch you later

jude xxxx


Good Luck Babe for 2moro. Let us know how your first day gose. xxxx


thanks, i will !! :)

ive only had 4 cigs today, thats brill for me! even those ones i prob threw half away , im really impressed with the champix, im now trying to get hubby to get some.;)

jude xxx


Good luck tomorrow!;)


hi, day 1 going ok, dont even want a cig "yet!"

but does anyone remember the tv advert with the "tefal men" they had massive foreheads?

thats how my head feels!! very big and long! :confused: :D

jude xx


Oh I remember the tefal heads ad :D lollol

Drink water x x x x keep busy and stay strong!

Good going Jude x x Rock on :)



I just took my first Chantix tab this morning - please let me know how it is going for you - :rolleyes:


Well done Jude

Hope today is a breeze. xxx


thanks linda spicer,

its going really well :)

jude xx


Well done Jude!:D

I remember that advert. Hope your head feels better soon, hon.;)


Hi jude glad to hear your first day is ok

onwards and upwards



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