Whiners and moaners

Anyone who has ever tried quitting for a long enough period of time will know that it takes a lot of self-determination to manage their way through the ups and downs of quitting.

From the initial doubts through the changes of habit, fighting off the naysayers (friends and family?) and embracing a new way of living (avoiding smokers and places to smoke?), there is a minefield of situations to overcome, and unexpected circumstances will be thrown your way.

No matter how well you think you are prepared to give up smoking, something or many things will happen to help you give up giving up, or to help you back on track to where your underlying nicodemon (addiction) wants you to be.

If you want help to justify why you can't help smoking, there will always be a friend to help you. If you need to be excused for having had just a few, you will always find a sympathetic ear. After all, a few here and there don't really count, right?

Don't be fooled! There will always be someone to help you feel better about yourself, no matter how badly you think you failed against your own personal goals.

Think about it for a moment... Have I truly made an effort, or am I just whining and moaning in an effort to justify having smoked one or several?


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  • A Good read :)

    I think that when you fail at a quit....you do automatically look for a reason to justify why you smoked! it is to make it okay about what you have done because the dissapointment that comes into a fail isnt a nice one......... So your right with the excuse i think so! ...... and quite possibly if you have no other reason that causes you too smoke other than that youve wanted too! it would feel much worse.... Maybe this could be helpful, instead of thinking i am going to smoke because of A,B or C and having a good ole moan...... If someone thinks I am going too smoke because i want too! ....then quite possibly at that point of a fail to happen in the purchase of them cigarettes! The person could possibly think well I dont want too & not think too far further then that....That small thought could be the stop gap from someone actually failing at all :)

  • Think about it for a moment... Have I truly made an effort, or am I just whining and moaning in an effort to justify having smoked one or several?


    Too true Alex. If we're honest about stopping none of us can think of a good reason to smoke again, but, if we try hard enough, we can all find excuses. Fortunately for me I haven't started looking for one yet.

  • Here, here Davo and Alex, made up plenty of excuses before this quit. Or relapse justifications.

  • Lovin your style there Alex. There is always an excuse to smoke but never a reason. You either choose to smoke or you choose not to. To coin a much too used phrase : Simples :)

    (case in point, see my signature, from the woofmang tales)

  • agreed...thats what happen years ago when i first quit..i thought of excuses to have one...not anymore im done making excuses..im ready to live!!:D

    no matter what happens we make that choice to light up the cig and inhale!

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