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Patches dilemma????

Hi folks,

Here's the dilemma. Been quit for over seven weeks using patches. So far so good.

For the past week iv been forgetting about my patch and sometimes its been 5pm before iv remembered to put one on. Anyhow, as soon as i remember i put one on.

Now today iv fortgotten to put a patch on and only just remembered lol. Its too late to put one on now.

But the dilemma is should i not use them again after all it will be more than 24hrs that i will have done without nicotine in my body. Or should i continue with the course.

Advice will be much appreciated.

JO :confused:xxxx

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Jo i have done the same thing last monday. I got fed up with using patches and thought in for a penny...

I have left a post on here earlier about my progress.

The way i see it. Having gone this long without nicotine why start using again?

Good luck on whatever you decide. :D

Karen x


Jo, be very careful, my 2 previous quits didn't work out because I rushed through the stages of the patches and therefore finished them too early.


Whoops, I've just realised I'm 10 ten days too late with my reply :o:o:o.


Whoops, I've just realised I'm 10 ten days too late with my reply :o:o:o.

I wouldn't worry too much.

Your comments are sure to help somebody but i'm not sure where shes gone lately so it's obviously gone either really good or really really bad.

Let us know Jo


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