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Day 7 a bit fed up

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Sorry to moan again but although this is almost a week now why do I still a)think about smoking allday every day b) feel I 'm 'missing out ' on something. I know I should be feeling like I hate smoking but its just not there and c) feel all mopey one min and dead snappy the next. On the plus side with the cash i DIDN'T spend on cigs this week I am treating hubby and daughter. Taking them to cinema to see 'pirates of the carribean 3'. So at least I've got SOMETHING to show for this horrible last few days!


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Morning Karen

Well done you have done the worse. I know what you mean its like reading about my own quit it do get better. My youngest son said to me when nana died (my mum) did you feel worse than you do now and you are living now without her so you will live with out fags. He made me think about it. You will feel better write your feelings down and look back over them and it makes you see how far you have come Hope this helps. on a lighter note enjoy your treat you have earned it Love Linda

Hmpffy I hate that hmmpfy feeling :(

It will pass x x Hang on in there, spend more of than money on you and less on the family :p

Hope you enjoy it x x

Like Lindas' sons a-n-a-l-ogy! it's very true!

Make sure you treat yourself this evening x x

Thanks for the replies folks. I have 'tracked' these ' lost at sea' feelings and realise that they mainly occur when I am sat down at home w/out wine! (difficult at 10 in the morning) or sat at work bored (even more difficult to drink in a library!) Point being when I have stuff to do WHATEVER IT IS I don't give smoking the time of day. It isnt worthy of my thoughts .I actually beleive that the more I get used to doing stuff w/out having a cig the less I will think about them. I am seriously contemplating buying a 'understand your mind' type bookfrom Amazon to identify these feelings . Heavy or what:rolleyes:

I'll save you the bother of the book, Your a fiddler - need to occupy yourself.

And a P**s Head :p hehe

That makes it easier because pinpointing these times and thoughts mean you can plan ahead and substitute the smoking with something else at those times.

Your doing amazingly well! Well Done!! If you do get a decent book along the mind topic let me know, i would quite like something like that too!

7pm and i have had assisted in a kids party and bought half of them back to my house and feel exhausted and in need yes NEED of a large red wine hmmmm waiting since 5pm for my partner to drag his arse out of the pub and bring me my wine :mad:

Grats again Karen, i am really proud of you and so glad you have done this x x

ooooommmm! OOOOOMMMMM! (I'm meditating now) Maybe I should go on a Buddhist retreat to china? Cure all my smoking thoughts and come back like Uma

Thurman in Kill Bill ! all lethal weapon like complete with sword(she didn't smoke!lol) I could get into this brain retraining stuff ya know Buffy!

hehe :p could use it to train my brain to not feel so frigging annoyed :mad: Mr I am on my way with your wine at 6pm has switched of his phone :mad: Selfish little f'ing basket!

I am furious! little ones asleep and dr who is on so will have to leave my 15 next week year old in charge, while i nip to the shop :rolleyes: the house is a bloody mess from the kids playing etc i feel remarkably stressed!

OOOOMMMM! meditate sweetie!! Hubby is also watching DR Who as is my 13yr old daughter in her bedroom ( only cos her science teacher looks like David Tennants twin brother! Even the other kids at school reckon he comes to work in his tardis!) When you get your wine sweetie DON'T BUY FAGS!!! (see my positive thinking is working already?!OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Hehe no i won't :D i reckon if i even wanted to and did, i would feel as sick as a dog if i had a puff now!

Back with wine :D man that fella of mine has a lot to answer for! what a pig! he is lovely chap but a few bevvys and the wrong crowd and :mad:

Bet your hubby wouldnt be like that!

OOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!(takes a break from meditation to reply to Buffy!:D )

Am watching Joseph at the moment. [I want Lee to win) Although Graham Norton himself wouldn't do a bad job! Pirates of the carribean tommorow! hubby and I celebrated our 40th birthdays by going to Barbados and onto The Grenadines where the movies are filmed. The highlight was when we went to Le Petit Tabac which was the island in the first potc movie where Johnny Depp & Keira Knightley were marooned.


I got joseph on too not paying enough attention to know whos who lol playing my games on lol

My thing is casualty at 9:05 love it!

Barbados :rolleyes: cool! wonderful holiday! and pirates place double wammy lol

Funny cos when we went Nassau it is where Dr No was filmed.

Johnny depp is my other half's fave actor. I wouldn't say no :p

sorry did not reply earlier. I couldn't get onto the site. I don't know if the server was down or what. Cool going to Nassau - my daughter wants to go to the Bahamas to swim with dolphins there. When we were in Barbados we went swimmimg with the giant turtles there. Itwas ace - You do it about 1/2 mile off shore in th middle of the ocean so they are in their complete natural habitat. ok

I'll let you into a secret _ my cousin debbie's partener is known to all our family as Derek with the strong Irish accent. He is an actor though and doesn't sound a bit Irish... He plays Charlie in Casualty. In fact their son(real name charlie who is now nearly 20) played Duffy,s baby many moons ago.

Charlie fairheads lovely :D lol and duffys baby huh 20 years man >_< that old!?

I have followed it from the start didn't realise its been that long! *sigh*

Cool claim to fame :D

I had an encounter with the dolphins there, my dolphin was called 'Goombay' and we hugged, danced and kissed it was amazing ! I would really love to see the turtles! next time we will go do that! lol

Another award winning (BAFTA!) episode of casualty and i didn't cry today! hehe laughed hard with petrol drinking plumber shoving blankets in broken sewage pipes >_<


Hi Buffy 'n' Karen - good to see you - glad you got your medicine eventually!!!

I'm signing off now to have a chat and maybe table tennis with my husband....ooh the excitement!!

Hope you have a good weekend and I'll be back soon!!


P.S. I fell off my bike last night on the way home!! - but that's another story...

Ouchy >_<

Enjoy the evenings entertainment there lollol

Ttfn Loopy x x


i felt the same the past two nights when i've been drinking - shit. you feel like everyone else is having a better time but they aren't.

its disgusting, there's nothing social about killing yourself, i feel exactly the same as you at times, then other times i feel brilliant, just hold out.

are you using nrt?

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