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No Smoking Day
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Getting fed up of feeling ill

Well it's day 25 and i still feel like c***, i'm not sure if it's the champix or what, every night when i go to bed i have dizzy spells, every morning i get up i have dizzy spells, i feel sick and headachy a good 90% of my waking day, i only take the one champix i have done since week 3, and i follow advice on taking it on a full stomach and with plenty of water, yesterday i didn't take any and it didn't make a difference, i still felt sick, headachy and had the dizzy spells.

My OH hasn't been 2 great either, mainly feeling sick and trapped wind with him, but enough to make him feel uncomfortable, he stopped taking his champix for a few days and he also didn't feel any difference.

I'm not gonna give in, but how i feel i can see why people give in, in the hope that one cig will make them feel a little better, i just can't wait to start feeling healthy.:(:(:(

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So sorry you are not feeling well..i cant help with champix dont know anything about it..i'm using the inhalator and ive had a lot of headaches and dizzy spells although not like you are having :( hope you start to feel better soon.. and dont smoke it wont help i had a little blip on monday and if anything felt worse..


I'm not gonna give in, i know it won't make me feel any better, and besides i've not come this far and felt this rough for nothing, there is noway i'm ever going to go through this again.:mad:

I do have a little plus side of feeling ill, it's unlikely i'm going to put on any wait, because i don't have a great appetite.:D


I never quit using champix so don't feel i can comment on it i'm sorry.

However, i do know that there was a nice daily blog which was always on the first page of day 1 all last year..

Another Diary of a Champix Quitter

Goes from the early days up to 70+ days.. perhaps you may find something in there to help?

Best of luck tho, hang in there, however uncomfortable, the end result will be worth any queeziness



Ah taste the smells and feel the fresh air

One question Jase, do you know if the lady in the blog stayed quit???

Just at the end she seemed less than commited, but I could be wrong.



Thanks Jase,

it's has just made a good read, maybe the mods should an area where you could just blog, i think it would help alot of people to write your progress down, i do the same thing with learning to drive lol.

I've got my breather liser tomoz, so i will have a chat with the woman who deals with the treatment and see what she says.


Hi hev :D

I'm sorry you're feeling so rough on champix I also used it but didn't have the problems you have a little dizzined the 2nd week lasted about 2 days and disappeared again felt a little sick with the morning one while still smoking with them which also disappeared as soon as I stopped smoking

Sorry also that OH is having problems if you're not feeling any different when you stop them for a day or so maybe have a word with the Dr to set you minds at rest

I'm not a Dr and don't want to worry you but maybe it's not the champix making you feel ill it could be your blood pressure maybe but see a Dr just in case as I said it will set your minds at rest

Well doen both of you on 25 days and I promise a fag won't make it better


Marg xx


I went to the clinic today and had my breatherliser test a little dissapionted got 1mg this week, only joking i know that is a great read.

Had a chat with the lady about how i'd been feeling and she has recommend that i take the one pill in 2 halves, but did also say that if i'm feeling ok with just the 1 half, just carry on with 1 half in the morning. My OH explained how he'd been feeling and although she did say it proberbly is the champix there is a slight possiblity that we both could of picked up a bug, as we both have similar symptoms.

So came home and my dinner and half of tablet and have felt alot better, did pick up some anti sickness tablets up from the chemist just in case.


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