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No Smoking Day
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Day Three Almost Over

I was feeling a bit cocky for most of day 3. I had no cravings until after dinner. Champix seemed to be doing it's job. Just a few minutes ago, a big one hit. It seems unending. I have been watching the clock and it's been 30 minutes. My brain feels taken over. I know it will pass, they always do! But this is the longest one so far. It almost feels like my brain's last ditch effort.

I will not smoke again...damn it!

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Well done for making it this far, hope you resisted temptation. I know that if I did have one (which I won't) that I won't enjoy it as much as I think I'm going to....does that make sense?

Good luck!


Great attitude Chound!

Lighting up again only prolongs the agony of giving up... Get it over with now and you'll have forever more to look forward to without the tobacco and especially without the prospect of future smoking-related diseases.



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