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Day 27 almost over, into 4th week!


Hi everyone, well done to all who are quitting whether you on day 1 or day 100, you all doing fantastic!

im at the end of my 3rd week, day 28 tommorrow, and i feel good, my skin looks so much better (had a few weeks where all the gunge most have been coming out of my skin and looked terrible), my teeth are whiter and my gums look really healthy (cant wait to go to dentist now), I have been surprised the last few days how calm i feel, even when an urge arrives, i just feel calmer and able to deal with it, i am laughing at myself a lot and finding it funny how any excuse in the world could lead me back to being a smoker if i let it! (even had passing thoughts of how easter will be differant without smoking now thats really funny because the chocolate eggs will taste much better this year!)

Anyway stopping smoking is more than just getting rid of a terrible addiction, it is complete overhaul of your life, emotions, feelings, body, health etc, its like im not just now an ex smoker, i feel differant, like i know myself more than i ever did? doesnt make sense i know but thats just how im feeling at the moment but i do know that feelings can change in a second, so i wont get complacent and will keep on my guard for when those feelings strike but with strength and the help from everyone on here especially all you MMQ crew:D quitters then im sure we all will caryy on fighting and win!:D

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Great job, Tracy.... you sound really good and proud of yourself.... good for you and keep it up!

Well done that's really great, I think seeing benefits like whiter teeth, brighter skin etc really helps to keep you feeling positive - things can only get better!

Yes moods change, feelings seem to as well but most importantly stick to your guns - making the initial list of reasons to quit - to have to refer back to is as important on day 40 as day 4. (If that makes sense!)

Coralie xoxo

Well Done Tracy!!!!

Your post is great ... I can relate to so much of it .....

Keep it up ....:D

p.s. Your signature dosent have all the MMQ's in it :(

thanks coralie, and yea i know what you mean about keeping your reasons for quitting strong, my rasons were mainly my halth, the breathing and wheezes i could hear made me realise i was at a crossroads - eithr stop and try and feel better or carry on and get worse, but the most important thing for me has been wanting to feel in control, i think i was so dependant on cigs that i cudnt function without one, wake up - smoke, smoke before i tackeled anything and after i finished everything, all my feelings were controlled by smoking and that has been the biggst gain for me and what i reinforce everytime i get the urge, i want to be in control not a cig! think im waffling a bit now but putting feelings down seem to make it real x ok id better shut up xx:)

awww thanks greg, at least i know im normal if others feel the same x (or maybe not and everyone else is a crackpot too) ha ha:)

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