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Hanging my head in shame

Hello :o

Well I almost made it to 6 months, but for the last 6 days I've been smoking again. What can I say :o I guess I got a little complacent, then life chucked a few nasties my way and I fell hook line and sinker when that old demon started nagging me. I feel disappointed in myself, and I know that other people are diasappointed too.

My willpower seems to have disappeared in the last few days, so I'm going to go back to the doctors and see if they can prescribe me another course of champix.

I'll see you guys back on day 1 soon :(

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Aw, Rachel, that's such a pity. But you're clearly ready to climb back on the wagon, so don't be too disheartened. You know you can do this, six months is a long time, and your body is better for it. Just don't leave it too long and undo all your good work!

I don't know what's going on with the half-year (or thereabouts) quitters - there seem to be a whole load of us going a bit nutty at the moment.

Don't be too upset. Chin up. Onwards and upwards.

H x



Sorry to hear you caved in.

I note in your signature that you hope to go to the Caribbean with the money saved, that should be a huge incentive for you to get straight back onto a new quit ? ? ?

I'm nowhere near 6 months but after such a long time without smoking you should be able to list all the benefits you enjoyed as a non-smoker and use these as an added incentive to give up once again.

Good luck !


Hi rachel,

It's a realy shame to hear this, but it's really not too late to start your quit again (I know it seems daunting to be at day one again but don't let that beat you!)

I had a blip about a month ago (2 cigs) and I think if I would have thought 'that's it, my quit is ruined, I'm going to have to start again' then just the thought of having to start at day 1 again would have driven me straight back into smoking. I guess what I'm trying to say is - don't beat yourself up about it, 6 days of smoking doesn't undo 6 months of not smoking... when you go back to day 1 it won't really be 'day 1'... it just won't be a full 6 months, so what? In the grand scheme of things, when you're still smoke free in 5 years you'll be so happy you didn't let those 6 days of smoking scare you into puffing away for the rest of your life.

Just a question for you (mainly out of interest) - do you not feel almost like 'poisoned'? Just cos I did for the 3 days after I had those two... I guess I was wondering just if you can feel the effect on your body as quickly as I did...?


Hi guys, thanks for the messages.

Sofia, yes I do feel 'poisoned' as you put it. For the last couple of nights I have been waking up with cold sweats. I thought I might have been going down with something, but in all honesty it's probably the opposite of withdrawal symptoms. And my cough is back already, and I haven't coughed for months.

I think I'll treat it as a serious blip. I've just phoned the doctors, and I have an appointment with a new smoking nurse tomorrow after work. I just feel really down and depressed at the moment, and this is only adding to it, making me feel guilty too. It's amazing how it really grabs you by the short and curlies, and you have to feed that addiction time and time again.


Thanks for answering Rachel :)

Yes, that sounds like a perfect plan - think of it as a serious blip (or however you need to) and move on from it, jump straight back on that wagon!

Try to not feel down and depressed or linger on the past 6 days... smoking can trap you in so quickly that it can really happen to anyone. You did so well to get where you were, no amount of smoking can take away the feeling that you KNOW you can do this :)!


Hi Rachel,

I tend to agree with Sofia; you went six months and had a serious blip and are now back on the non-smoking bandwagon.

You did great in coming back so soon. Courage to all of us in the fight.



Why do you feel guilty??? guilt is for when you commit adultery, rob a bank, steal a car etc, not when you lose control for a few days and smoke, you haven’t harmed anyone else, luckily you have recognised that you have had a minor blip and you are now putting it behind you and continuing with your quit, you will be stronger for this tiny blip and will recognise the pitfalls, and before you know it you WILL be in the Penthouse.

Thank you though for having the courage to come and let us know that even after 6 months or longer the nico demon can be hovering round the corner waiting for , we are all here for you with the support you so deserve,


sorry it got you!

Im really angry that you didnt have any support that day when you cracked , you make sure you come here first next time, see you in the penthouse this time next year BIG HUG!



I've always been a few days behind you on my own quit - and I don't intend going back to day one with you! Knock six days off your quit time, which should put you on about the same timescale as myself. So, another six days and you will have reached six months.


Rachel I have only just seen this so sorry for not being here before.

Well done for deciding to get straight back on the wagon. It shows that you can be strong and that you just had a weak moment. Make sure you learn from it so that if you come up against it again you will know how to fight it.

Take care and good luck xxx


Hi Rachel

I have just noticed your post and wanted to say......stand yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on the wagon. I do feel that if you have not had anymore than the 6 days and have stopped again then you could go back to the 6 month mark, i cant see why you should have to start all over again but thats only my opinion. I feel for you though i really do and i know you can beat that Naughty Nic if he comes back so like i have said get back on the wagon and just keep on going.

Good luck my little friend, im rooting for ya :)


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