No Smoking Day

Hanging on by my fingernails!

Wow what a bumpy ride, had a horrendous weekend, well last 4 days really. Can honestly say they were the worst so far. Awful temper, sadness, tearful - the LOT!!!

Couple that with a major family row that I'm still seething about and arranging a party for 24 4yr olds last Sunday at an indoor playground (which I may add I did not once think of smoking!!!) It's no wonder I've had the days from hell.

It's not nice and I really thought it would get easier into week 3 :confused:

Asked hubby to get me some fags last night when he popped to the shop, he politely refused thank god......

Strange thing is that normally I'm quite determined and think for the majority of the time I'm winning the battle then I get an unexpected almighty kick up the backside and start doubting what I'm doing etc and thinking I'll be happier with old nic back in my system. Thank god I haven't arguements happen, life would be NO BETTER if I was still smoking and if I caved now I would have the added disappointment and failure in myself to deal with....

So thanks for listening to my rant, ARGH I thought it would get easier with time, have always been impatient!!

Good luck to everyone here, long may we succeed

Jane x

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hey jane

sorry to hear you are having a tough time and well done for coping with the urges. I still find it difficult at times (anger is my main trigger still...)

BUT it does get easier to deal with them in time.



You did really well in not giving in - well done!



I for one think your doing really well for your third week with all you have been doing. We have smoked for a long time and we will not become onsmokers overnight. Also I think if it was easy we would think nothing of caving but now we think im not going thro the first week again HEH. You be proud my girl your doing fan-bloody-tastic Linda xxxx


Well done that hubby of yours! :)

I had a similar episode where I was pleading with my son to give me "just one puff" of his cigarette. This NicoDemon works in very strange ways 'cos I don't think I even really wanted a cigarette that night. I think in some ways I wanted my son to offer me one, so I could refuse it???? Or was I testing him????

It makes you crazy sometimes all the psychology surrounding it. Best thing is to "chill", "go with the flow" and keep calm. Just keep giving yourself that wee pat on the back for having seen the light and quit that disgusting habit! :D


I agree with the others on this. Personally I remember finding week 3 absolute hell. I was crawling up the walls!!!

But stick at it - you'll get there. Others on this forum know that I have literally been saving £20.00 cash a week(far less than my smoking money) and now after 5 months, we are off to Portugal for 4 days in May - all paid for without budgetting. Set yourself an attainable goal as a reward. Think of it as bribing yourself!!;)


Thats great Prudence. I am doing a similar thing...however, I paid out the cash in advance before actually saving the required amount of fag money! I've caught up now though.

However, we're going a bit more upmarket than you it seems...we're going to Norfolk :D


Oh ok, so it isn't exactly the same! But has a beach...sand....sun (hopefully!!!) Oh, and a lovely caravan teehee! Ahhh, but I bet you don't get to meet Bradley Bear do you? Hmmm Now you're jealous aren't you?! Nor do you get to meet Rory :D



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