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No Smoking Day
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Smoking relapse


Basically I quit smoking for around 4months, then got drunk had a few and they slowly crept back into my life.

My real issue though is that smoking is the first thing I turn to when I'm angry, upset or nervous, and the kind of person i am that seems to be a lot, especially when you hate your job and smoking is seen as a treat. I was just wondering what hints people had to help me get over those initial moments when i'm so angry or upset breathing etc isn't going to stop me reaching for a fag.

Sorry if there's another thread on this, feel free to link me to it!

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You went 4 months so look at the positives, at least you know you can do it.

As for work, I am in an incredibly dull and boring job and perhaps like you I found myself looking forward to wandering outside for a smoke more and more and found myself smoking quite a few during the day, I used to plug the gaps with coffee and fags and pretty soon became very unhealthy.

Someone in here mentioned sipping water when getting a craving, it's worked for me if I'm honest, can't deny the cravings keep coming back but it's a case of battling through them because you know what you're doing is right.

Good luck !


Hello Ruffian - I am so sorry about your relapse. I am just coming up to 4 months and hope to make it thru.

I agree that in times of stress, a fag seems like the only thing. The only thing that I have substituted it with much bitchiness and very much food and it has worked for me thus far.

What method of quit did you use? Mid way thru my quit I chomped on the gum a few times for release; I then went to the inhalor (without nicotene); found it comforting to chew on, tho, not particularly elegant. How about one of those nasty wee dolls you stick pins in when you feel particularly vile towards your boss (sorry am a wee bit twisted).

Heres hoping someone else on the forum has far better ideas. Good Luck Ruffian



i just went cold turkey initially it gave me IBS which meant i felt too poorly too smoke.

you wont crumble like me at the 4 month mark, it was a case of having a driving test which i smoked in the build up to it as i was so nervous, failing driving test, smoking because i was upset and it just carried on.

i don't know whether it might be a good idea to look at how to control my emotions etc to begin with so i dont get so worked up i turn to cigarettes? it is literally only in extreme situations.


I've been talking to someone and working on exercises to ease my anxiety for a few months now. I don't really want to go on anti-anxiety medication and they've said cognative behavioural therapy should work.

Ironic thing is i feel more anxious when smoking because i know i shouldn't be and it effects certain health issues, yet i feel at a loss when i don't have cigarettes to turn to. vicious circle.

i think more than anything this relapse has knocked my confidence as i was doing so well and part of me wonders if i'll only ever be able to go a few months. thats why i joined this forum.


I suffer with stress and moodiness and agree its hard to resist the fags. They are what we have all relied upon to make us happy, sad, calm our nerves and prop us up whatever emotion we have at the time. Its going to be a struggle for most of us to get over this conditioning. I take St Johns Wort and a couple of Calms everday to try and stay on track. I always have a bottle of cold water on my desk, it does help. If all else fails a good rant and cry usually gets things back on track :D


hi ruffian

Hi Ruffian, sorry to hear of your relapse. I have started sipping water and it works. I also suffer with anxiety but i have learnt to tell myself in times of stress niggerly moments. "Having a fag will not change anything " well it works for me. And the other 4 things are to be positive, determined, willpower and to be completely focused. Good luck. Last fag. 28/2/11. Lozenge. NOT ONE PUFF.


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