No Smoking Day
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Day One :( :)

I'm on day 10 of champix and I had my last cigarette at 11:30pm last night! HI EVERYONE!

20 a day for about 4 years or so, I'm only 20!

Found myself walking past people smoking today and breathing the smell in with a loving sigh. :( & when cooking I was thinking "oh I'll just have a smoke whilst this cooks" then feeling all sad when I realised I couldn't haha!

The thought of the money is keeping me going the most, £6.50 a day is ridiculous!

Anyone got any tips on good food to eat, the main thing that's made me not want to quit is weight gain?

Best of luck everyone!

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Sorry Jess, can't help you, I'm quietly going through my body weight in nuts and bombay mix every night, fully expect to be 20 stone by the end of the month, but I'm hoping I'll be a 20 stone non-smoker !

Probably not what you wanted to hear.

Good luck with your quit


Hehe, I've just bought some fruit snack bags from Asda, a box of blueberries (which I've already eaten :o ) and some low calorie frozen lollies!

I could see it was already damaging my health somewhat, I can barely run anywhere for long without being completely dead/out of breath. And I also had a constant cough for like 6 months!



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