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Day 5

Well, I'm still here and still smoke free! Feeling very positive but i do know there will be difficult times ahead. I'm spending the weekend with my best friend, who doesn't smoke, so that will make life a little easier, but i am getting some strong urges to smoke despite having the full strength patch on and the inhalator as and when i need it. I have this voice in my head saying - enough, already, you have proved your point, now give me a fag!

Sometimes i feel like a goldfish with a short memory. I'll have the thought that i will go outside for a fag then remember i don't do that any more, then a minute later I will have the same thought! My husband said he's having internal arguments with himself all the time but we both knew it wasn't going to be easy.

I am struggling with one side effect in particular. Drinking lots of water and eating fruit but still nothing so i have had a tummy ache all week. Senna doesn't work on me so if you have any tips or suggestions, please share!

wishing everyone a smoke free day!

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You sound like me, where we say, okay let's go for a smoke, but then remember we don't smoke anymore. What I do when I remember I don't smoke anymore is smile and feel happy that I've done it.

As for the tummy ache could it be the fruit? Speak to the pharmacist and see if they can help, otherwise of course speak to your gp.

Good luck, keep it up just remember to smile and pat yourself on the back!! :)


Hi Valian - when i remember i don't smoke, i get a pang of loss then a smugness that i've stopped! I took a coffee and went and sat outside with my colleagues for the first time today and thought, this isn't so bad - i can do this and not smoke.

It's like a light went on - I am so proud of myself and intend to celebrate at the weekend with my non-smoking friend. No food or drink will be off limits!

The problem is that i cannot 'go'. I've got a very temperamental system at the best of times so i am not surprised. The tummy ache is the bloating - i feel like i'm crashing into things, i'm so wide!

Also i've had a nosebleed today - not big but i'm not a nosebleedy kind of person. Wonder if that's a symptom too? It's all so fascinating!! :eek:


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