No Smoking Day
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One week down!

Well, I stopped smoking a week ago today! I'm feeling very proud of myself, especially considering the mood I was in before I stopped. :o

And I have to say, in all honesty, it's been ok! Thanks to the Champix, I haven't had any nicotine cravings - yes, I've had a few "I fancy a fag" moments, and I was a bit grumpy on Day 5, but other than that it's been great. And I've already noticed benefits, which I thought I'd post - if you're reading this and thinking about quittng, all I can say is go for it!

1) I used to have a few drinks EVERY day when I got in from work. The Champix has put me off alcohol, so I've cut that down to a couple of drinks on a weekend.

2) I used to drink at least 6 cups of coffee and 3 teas per day. Because I associate that with fags, I've cut that down to 2 drinks per day, so my caffeine intake has dramatically reduced too (Incidentally, I've discovered some fantastic herbal teas from a company called Teapigs - pricey, but I can afford them now!)

3) I used to get home from work and collapse in a heap on the sofa, without the energy even to cook dinner (we often resorted to toast or takeaways!) I'd be falling asleep on the sofa by 8.30pm. Now I get home, prepare dinner,(even hoovered and mopped yesterday) and have taken to reading in bed, because I'm not that tired!

4) People have told me that I have more colour in my face (I'm taking the credit for that, rather than the sunshine! ;) )

5) I was worried about putting on weight when I stopped, so I went shopping beforehand and bought loads of healthy food, (God bless grapes, Smints and sugar free gum too!). So thinking about what I'm eating, combined with the energy to cook healthy meals, less tea/coffee (I take sugar!) and the reduced alcohol intake, means that I've actually lost 3lbs this week.

All in all, a pretty darned good week!

I do hope that this doesn't come across as gloating - I know that some people find it really difficult in their 1st week (and I have previously!) But I thought a positive message might be useful for some - I just hope this post doesn't come back and bite me on the arse at some point in the future!! :D. All I can say is, if you're thinking about it, DO IT!!!

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And another one!

Actually, just thought of another benefit - and an important one too!

6) My hubby smokes, although nowhere near as much as I did. Since I stopped, he's cut down even more, and I really think he might make the decision to quit in the near future! :)


A HugeWell Done !

Hi There,


You have done brill and you are sounding really upbeat and positive as well which is great news.

You hit the nail on the head with the no cravings it is more like "I want a ciggie because thats what I did" weird eh ! Champix is really helping me as well and doubt I would have got rid of the packet of ciggies which I bought the other day and did'nt smoke if I had not been on them or without all you lot telling me not to do it. I feel quite ill on them off and on but they are defo doing what they say they would.

Well done on the weight loss as well, how good have you been !! My 5lb weight gain is depressing but I am now on a mission to watch what I am eating as well.

I am the same I like my few vodka's and redbull and I can't seem to drink any at all just now either also not drinking as much tea as I used to either.

Keep it up and your sounding so happy and positive its great news.

I have noticed that my skin is clearer, when I am cleansing and moisturising It is actually a bit shiny as well. Definately smelling things better as well, I actually could smell rain.

Are you calmer, I am so much calmer, not anxious and not as nervous and I am thinking that the fact that you cant actually smoke anywhere that maybe it was making me more anxious wondering when I was going to have my next ciggie.


Aww....thanks guys! :D

I have found a down side - just been and spent 3 weeks fag money in Monsoon! Oh well, easy come, easy go!! ;)


Nothing wrong with a bit of Florence & Fred!! That's 99.9% of my wardrobe!! :D


Aww....thanks guys! :D

I have found a down side - just been and spent 3 weeks fag money in Monsoon! Oh well, easy come, easy go!! ;)

Hahaha I have had the same problem. Week one I treated myself to a new outfit (and then there was Mothers Day present). This week I have bought a load of camping stuff as I'm going on my first ever camping trip! You'd think my boyfriend, who has camped hundreds of times growing up, would be helping me arrange stuff, get it all together, tell me what we need but nooooooo. He's playing a football match leaving me to google 'what to take camping' for tomorrow :eek:



I can see this whole quit smoking thing getting expensive! ;)


Er, yes. I've had a few too many 'I deserve it' moments lately.

Got some FABULOUS hush puppy wedges for the summer... these. D'you like them? Soooooo comfortable. Couldn't afford them. Oh dear.


Very nice! In fact, they'd go great with my Monsoon outfit! Where'd ya get them again?? ;)

Damn - there goes another couple of weeks' money! :D


Schuh. They were fifty quid - which is actually only a week's fag money if you were on 20 a day :eek: (I wasn't spending that much as I smoked rollups and not that heavily, so I don't really have that excuse).

They're quite high but unbelievably comfortable. Better than a lot of flats i've had.

I think you can get them online at hush puppies website.

(I don't work for them or anything, honest :D)


Congratulations Sarah, how fantastic are you!

Its brilliant to see a positive post. Like you iv found quitting Ok. In fact last night i went to a fiends house, first time drinking since quitting and they both smoke. And im pleased to say i didnt smoke, didnt want to. And half way through the evening my patch fell off hahahaha:D, and i was fine.

And one of the biggest benefits for me is I am soooo much calmer in myself. (a benefit i was not expecting).

You should feel very pleased with yourself and also feel happy that you are inspiring others xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:o:o:o


Schuh. They were fifty quid - which is actually only a week's fag money if you were on 20 a day week:

Only one week's money eh? (evil laugh....mwaah ha ha) Hmm.....

And thanks Jo - glad you're feeling good too! :D


Just thought of another one!

I've just realised something else!

I used to get regular headaches, and had to take painkillers most days. It's just occurred to me that I haven't had one headache or taken one painkiller since I quit - how fab is that?? :D

And another thing - after a "romantic" morning interlude with hubby, I can confirm other benefits too, although can't go into details!! :o ;) :D


Hahahaha, Sarah it sounds like your enjoying the benefits lol:D


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