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Champix: Cutting down

Last week i started to realise that the Champix was making me feel a bit anxious. I'm going through a stressful time at the moment, so it wasn't easy to spot this. The Champix was adding a layer of anxiety on top of what i would be feeling anyway.

Anyhow, I decided to reduce the dose. I was on 1mg twice a day. I started cutting the tablets in half and having 3x one half per day. The first day was fine. The second and third days gave medium to strong cravings. Subsequent days have seen mild or virtually no cravings at all. I had very mild nausea on the first day, which dissappeared on later days. The excess anxiety has gone away.

I had an appointment with the Doctor today, and asked him about cutting the tablets in half. He said it was fine to do this if I wanted to.

I'm now planning to reduce by half a tablet every fortnight, so should be off the Champix in 6 weeks or so. The Champix has done a good job for me. However, I will be glad when I am no longer taking it.

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that sounds good :D my cravings this afternoon are horrendous and i wish i was still on champix, even tempted to start back on it but 0.5mg rather than the 1mg that made me feel bit weird at times??

keep at it tho matey your doing really well xx


Thanks Sian

If your thinking of starting the Champix again, you could get 0.5mg, like you say, and then cut them in half. That would be a really gentle re-start, and if it went OK you could try the full 0.5mg tablets.


Well done Biggrin and Sian, you are both doing really well and it is great how you support each other too all makes the quit that bit easier.:)


Thanks Haze


Thanks haze:D

It's nice to have some1 like biggrin as there is only a couple of days between us of quitting,

Biggrin I spoke to doc on phone and she said just try 0.5 mg and stay off the full dose so going to try that :D though feel like a failure as gone a whole week cold turkey now:confused: she said to try the NRT route but being 16 days free of nicotine I don't want to use it again as that's the reason I've smoked for so long thanks for the support xx


Hi Biggrin and Sian

I struggled with Champix too. After about 5 weeks I went on to half the dose due to the effect it was having on my anxiety levels. I was very weepy! I then stopped taking it all together about 2 weeks ago. So on it just under 12 weeks, but 7 of those weeks on a greatly reduced dose.

The Champix is trully a double edeged sword as it definately prevents you wanting to smoke but can play havoc with your head and making you feel sick.

Keep at it though. It's a relatively short period of time that you're on it and the longer you can 'put up with it' the better really.

Look after yourself and be really indulugent with yourself in these early weeks on the champix. Eat well, sleep/rest whenever you get the opportunity and keep focussed on why you are taking it in the first place.

Well done

Lauren XX


Biggrin and Sian

Ditto what Haze says! You're both doing well. You can be BFF!

Fi x


Lauren and Nutmeg - Thanks for the advice and support

Sian - Sounds like a good plan. I don't think you are a failure by the way. Giving up smoking isn't a test of machismo, its a process of not putting smokes anywhere near your mouth! 16 days free, and counting.


yes i feel champix are a great way to stop i have been on them three weeks now,i have no cravings which are great for me,i will say i have had a couple of mood swings but i feel there just a part of the quitting process,my nurse told me to do the full 12 week course to succeed and even after she will give me an emergency box in case i feel im gona slip.


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