No Smoking Day
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Hooray it's Pookies BIG Day!!

No She's NOT getting married..........Still a girlfriend is our Pooks ;-)

BUT she has only gone and done ONE WHOLE YEAR today!! One whole year.............12 months.................365 days...............and not a single teeeeny weeeeny eeeeny puff!! I think she did use to be a bit of a smokers stalker though.............trying to catch a blast of passive fresh smoke in the tailwind :eek:

Anyway I sometimes think she's been quit for years because she has never moaned, groaned or flipped her lid...........even in the face of them nasty craves!! She's the kindest, funniest, coolest and happiest person I've known to quit smoking ha ha................I like your style Pookie, no big deal, no big drama, no tears and just got on with the job in hand................WICKED!!!!

I do seem to remember we had a bit of a wobble around the half year mark?? Think I blarted first soz and must have set you off............but no looking back after that..............the support you have given to others has been caring and genuine and particularly those who have quit with Champix who need someone like you for that specific advice........xxxx

Sure today feels like a bit of an anti-climax to you!! Like something magical should happen, some revelation!! But instead it's just another happy, healthy, smoke free day!! Apart from the fact that your friends want everyone to know and are now embarassing you by saying all nice soppy things about you he he he!!

All thats left to say then is CONGRATS year done and the rest is plain sailing now for a Top Bird like you!! Thanks for all the help and advice you've given me and for your nice calming influence I will have to toast you but I dont like wine and its too early for I'll toast you with my favourite cocktail.........Sex on the Beach mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxxxxx

By the way I have no idea who this Gael Garcia guy is who you love so much...............huh he's a bit pretty for me but it's your day so i collared him for some pics just for you he said MWAH!!!!

Think he had the runs this morning oooops.............heres a better one for ya xxx

Oh and a couple of tunes for you to get the party started!!

Heres a top totty one mmmm sorry already dribbled on this!!

And here's one for you just from me.............thought we could make it your 'Anthem'................its so catchy give it a minute to get into it ha ha!!

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Whay Hey


Fantastic is what you are huge huge huge well done to you Pooks :D x


Hey Pookie

Huge congratulations......hope to join you soon in the Penthouse!!!

Whats the decor like??:D

Heres to the next year and beyond!!!!


Really well done Pookie, fantastic stuff!


Gone a bit emotional now .............. sniff

Well what can I say - Gael, Caleb and my own song. Huge thanks Shelly - one of your better posts hahaha :D The support I've had of you and the posse (you all know who you are ;)) made this achievable. The fun and laughter we've had kept me going through the dark days and made the good days even better :0)

It's strange cos I woke up this morning thinking 'what's the fuss' not sure if I was expecting mental fireworks or something - now I'm feeling pretty darn good! It's not been an easy year but it's been a life changing year - I've managed to do the one thing I never thought I could (with a little help from Mr Pfizer). These days I feel in control and it's a good feeling :D

To those of you starting out - keep going cos it's the best thing you will ever do. Think the best advice I can give is to try and relax and go with the flow - it's not a race or a competition so just take it nice and easy and take each day as it comes. Don't be scared of the bad days as the good days are the bestest!!!

Thanks for all the kind words as they do mean a lot - I'd like to say a special thanks to my little Italian quit buddy Alberto who celebrated his own year on Wednesday - Alberto sei un vero gentiluomo! and an extra special big thanks to my spooky twin sis Kat - think we were seperated at birth :eek: my day doesn't feel complete without our little chats - you have been my rock and I'll always love you for that - bleurgh that's enough soppy stuff Velma haha!!

Think I've rambled long enough so I'll leave you with my tune of the day

P.s - lovely to see you Mr B :0)


Congrats Pookie!!

you have always been an inspiration to me and have helped me out so many times over my quit!

Hope you are treating yourself today!!


Inspirational!!!!!! Well done x


Well done Pookie, 12 months smoke free and not a blip in sight, welcome to the Penthouse the bar is open and the drinks are on the house


I would post a small gael for your perusal and celebration, but that's already been done......No matter *heads off to browse*

Very well done Pookie on one year!!!




One whole year a go you was doing just this.....


Sometimes along the way doing this :p


...but most of all you was kicking that bloody smoking thoughts right into touch .....getting on with it and laughing along the way! ..and I feel sooooo proud at were you are now! I never did have to get that scooter out to come and find yer :D and you know what I knew you would get here ...I didnt doubt it for a minute!

thanks for the mention ...and ditto!;) now im filling up:o .......

Hope you having a lovely time tonight Daphne ! ....Heres a little bit of nirvana just for you! Be good....


Feel the need to play a fav tune :D

It's got to be this cos it includes my fave man :o

Us older ladies are easily pleased :D

and yes I know he has daft hair but I could tie it back ;)


Hmmmm Pooks he is hot thats for sure but the hair in that vid????? :( and the chicken legs no no!! :mad:

Tell ya what let me take him first, I'll feed him up, get the clippers on his barnet.................and make sure he's up to scratch for ya ;)

He might be glad of an 'older lady' after a few days @ Chez Shellys :p

And this will be our little theme tune tee hee ................shelly n caleb got a nice ring to it dontcha think???





shellyandcaleb sounds a bit dodgy :eek:

tonight I'm feeling a bit madonna like :D


Very very very well done!!_!


Congratulations Pookie - a fantastc achievement!

Only 51 weeks to go, and I'll be joining you! ;)


Well done Pookie, brilliant stuff :D

Gaynor x


Smashing, a job well done young lady.

Here's to number 2.



Well done Pookie, huge congrats to you.

A dignified and classy quit. You should feel very very proud.

Here's to the next year.

Love Lorna x


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