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The Morning After The Day Before, Smoke free 12 days and grateful !

Hi Everyone,

What can I say, A HUGE BIG THANKS to you all, you made me see sense and realise how far I have came already. I just have to keep going, when you think of days it does'nt seem alot but when you think of how many cigs you would have smoked in those days its loads and I am so glad I have'nt smoked. The support out there is fab, really appreciate it. My hubby works away from home alot so I am doing this on my own, if he was here it would be better he is a MEGA ANTI SMOKER, hates it and hated me doing it. (I am not telling him I done that yesterday) !

12 days smoke free and I am so grateful, still on champix as well and I actually did forget that if I had smoked it would have been yuk anyway because of them as well. You forget your taking them.

I dont even know why I went and bought a packet, I cant say I have a craving as such I think it is more that I done it for 25 years its what I do (DID) and routine, who knows but something came over me and made me do it.

I love smelling nice, home fresher,(my 2 teenage kids have noticed that and commented, they dont usually notice anything lol), not having to use air freshners every time I light a ciggie, I see what people are meaning when they say it's freedom.

So onwards and upwards and I will refrain from being a complete idiot again. Oh and I am going to buy loads of salad stuff, having salad for dinner. No cakes ! lol

I KEEP TELLING MYSELF "i DONT WANT TO SMOKE ANYMORE" I HAVE BEEN A NON SMOKER FOR 12 DAYS (I never thought I would get by 12 minutes so it really can happen)

Enjoy your weekend !

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I'm really glad you made it through that bad day. Isn't it odd how your body just automatically goes for the ciggies and you have to remind yourself you don't do that anymore? I'm at the same level as you - on champix and day 12 of being smoke-free. I find I'm starting to forget about it a lot more now. I do keep having odd moments where I think 'right, time for a fag....oh'. Try to do a bit more reading around (ha, like we haven't read everything going anyway!) I think it helps so much to change our attitude towards temptation. When we get tempted I think we'd rather be confident to fight it off than believe the little voice saying we need one. Nobody needs one!

Have a brilliant day =)


Woohoo!!! Looby, well done 12 Days! So happy that you didnt give in, youve come to far now. I agree its a big adjustment, i feel at a losse end sometimes because i would normally be sat down having a cig. My house has never been so clean lol!!! got to keep myself busy.

You should be really proud of yourself xxxxx:)


Good stuff, Linda...glad that you stuck it out and 12, 2 days short of the fortnight - which you should also celebrate with not a little pride.

Do read up and don't let champix do all the work, taking all the credit. It's your quit and you should protect and nurture it. Look after your quit as if it was your most valuable is!! It's a source of cash/a pay increase, it's better health, clean's a source of immense pride in yourself :cool:


well done, your doing great, keep going!


Well done pleased for you and glad you are seeing the positives of quitting....those are the things that will keep you going..:D


congrats on making it through and 12 days!!:D your doing it!!


Loooooooobs! So sorry i missed your crisis, but i am soooooooooooo impressed and pleased that you got through it. I know if it was me, once i bought some cigs i wouldnt have been able to even post on here, let alone actually give them away! So, so, so awesome in my book:D

you are very very cool and should be very very chuffed with yourself:)


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